The Growling Swan 26/11

EVERGREEN EBRAHIM Takes the lot!!!!
Thirty Four Growling Swan Golfers turned out to play in THE KEVIN GROSE MEMORIAL GOLF DAY. Just a reminder to all that it was 3 years ago, on the 27th of November that we lost “BIG KEV” he passed away here in Pattaya. A life time mate of mine and a great mate too many here at the Growling Swan. I do believe that are numbers were good as the day was for Kevvy! We all gathered at the first tee to pay our respects, with a minutes silence.
On with the game, playing from the yellow tees, we tackled courses C and A in that order. The weather was kind early but as the day got longer like our tempers things started to hot up. The course was very dry in patches and some fairways were lacking a little love and care. Greens played very slow as you could ask Geri Crilly how many putts he left sitting on the lip of the cup.
With 2 awards up for grabs pressure was on all to perform, one group approaching a par 3 hole all landed on the dance floor and each had beaten the Near Pin Marker. Then 3 out of the 4 Birdied the hole. A great team effort, but I have to be honest and make you aware of the fact that one of those Birdie scorers, well on the next par 4 he scored 12 hitting 3 balls in a row straight into the water. Golf is a great leveler.
A great day was had by all with some good scores and some not so good scores, bringing home the chockies was The Evergreen Ebrahim taking The Monthly Mug and earning the wrights to have his name on The Kevin Grose Memorial Shield. Overall second (losing on a count back) was Frank Riley with Andrew Allen coming in 3rd .
Winners: Div 1
1st J.J Harney (11) 76 Net
2nd Takeshi Hakosaki (15) 79 Net
3rd Sal Brizzi (5) 81 Net
Winners: Div 2
1st Ebrahim Al-Ansari (17) 72 Net
2nd Frank Riley (18) 72 Net
3rd Kae Dayton (17) 77 Net

Winners: Div 3
1st Andrew Allen (30) 73 Net
2nd Shane Young (27) 78 Net
3rd Lindsay Slender (24) 80 Net

Near Pins
C3 Reg Varney
C5 J.J. Harney
A3 Kae Dayton
A5 Colm Mullen
Longest First Putt
C9 Benny Hill
A9 Lindsay Slender
Back at the Swan, over The Famous Frosty Frothies, we welcomed and welcomed back, John Edwards, Fred Dineley, Russell Calcutt, Paul Sharples, Shane Young, Gene Bransen, Frank Riley, Terry Drier and George Wilson. Farewells went out to Geoff Bracegirdle traveling back to Aust Travel safe Geoff and hope to see you soon. Other farewells were handed out to Russell Calcutt (who has retired once again, Dame Nellie Melba would be turning in her grave) Fred Dineley who also has yet again retired, I think The Turtle factor has got to him.
I personally would like to thank all that took part in the day, it’s great that The Great Man is remembered at The Growling Swan.

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