The Golf Club 16/11

The Golf Club write-up for 16th – 20th Nov.
Steve Ellison
Rothwell rules the roost!

Monday 16th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
1st – John Hutt (22) 37 points
2nd – Kenny Aihara (3) 36 points
T – 3rd – David Rose (3) 35 points
T – 3rd – Alan Rothwell (7) 35 points
T – 3rd – Peter LeNoury (11) 35 points
T – 3rd – Gary Emmett (17) 35 points


We had a big turnout for Green Valley today as word is getting around that the course is back in great condition once again. There was a lot of golf this week at TGC and after 4 days out of 5 walking the courses, Capt. Phil’s puppies must be barking.

A bunch of good scores found a gaggle of golfers at the 35 point mark. Kenny Aihara stood alone on the second position spot with his handicap equaling 36 point scorecard. Man of the match for today was the highest handicapper on the leaderboard, John Hutt showed the best score of the day at 37 points. Nice shooting sir!
Tuesday 17th – Khao Kheow – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Alan Rothwell (7) 38 points
2nd – Michael Whelan (18) 37 points
T – 3rd – Ian Brimble (5) 32 points
T – 3rd – Adrian Wilcox (8) 32 points

A quick trip up highway 7 saw the convoy exit in plenty of time so as not to miss the turning for Khao Kheow. The way they have left things is a bit of a mess, and poorly marked turns leave us a very dangerous departure to the course. Let’s hope they are not finished and make some changes before they fire up those new toll booths.

The course was spectacular, that’s about all that needs to be said. It looks like we will be playing here regularly over the high season if the price stays at a reasonable level which is supposed to be the case.

You may notice some familiar names up on the podium, and on top with a 38 point round was Alan Rothwell who is making his stamp on most leaderboards these days. You will also find Ian Brimble back in town for a few weeks and chances are this Texas based Englishman will find the podium many more times. Not easy to do shooting off just a 5 handicap! Nice going guys!
PAR-3 11TH
The par three 11th at Kabinburi Sports Club.

Thursday 19th – Kabinburi S.C. – Stableford – Yellow Tees
1st – Ian Brimble (5) 36 points
2nd – Kenny Aihara (3) 35 points
3rd – Alan Rothwell (7) 34 points

Friday 20th – Kabinburi S.C. – Stableford – Yellow Tees
1st – Alan Rothwell (7) 38 points
2nd – Ian Brimble (5) 32 points
3rd – Kenny Aihara (3) 30 points

PAR -3 8TH S
135 yards of trouble at the sublime 8th hole, a par three that requires one more club.

Another great road trip was ahead of us as the Kabinburi Sports Club was our November destination. The Tawaravadee is our new hotel up there and this time it took about 2 hours and 20 minutes due to some major resurfacing on the 331 just after the turn to Pattana. This is actually good news because that stretch of road was getting ridiculously bumpy and a top speed of 60 kph was required there. It looks like a 2-3 month job so we will keep you posted as to the progress.

The improvements they have done here at KBSC are all maturing very nicely now. The bunkers are perfect (I should know) and the rest of the course was immaculate. The only thing I disagree with is the par-5 with that huge tree and creek in front of the green. They are letting that beautiful fairway grow into rough right in the middle of the fairway. I just don’t get it. What would Kato-San say?

The 17th hole par 3 as the sun sets over KBSC.

First day scores saw Mr. Ian Brimble jump into the lead with 36 points on the card. Kenny and Alan were right behind him and it was to be the low handicappers who ruled the roost here on this trip.

Second day was musical chairs on the podium as Kenny and Ian dropped a slot and Alan had a great 38 to take the win. Ian must have been distracted seeing all those wild birds on the course he wanted to shoot…with his new Nikon of course. Sorry boys, if your handicap was more than 7, you were not in the game this time! With a win at Khao Kheow and now here at Kabinburi, it was a wonderful week for Mr. Rothwell!

Thanks to Khun Oi who took good care of us at KBSC while Khun Nahm was out of town. We will be back soon!

Thanks to all who joined us this week and hope to see you again!

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