The Bunker Boys 9/11

Not a real auspicious beginning for a day out on the golf course. Stuck in a traffic jam in a car full of non-smokers biting my nails watching the black clouds roll overhead. Are we ever going to get there, is it going to rain, will my bladder hold out? The tracks out on this side of town are some of my favorite; but I won’t be coming this way again until the roadworks are finished. They could easily rename Rt. 331 Rt 3331 as in three thousand three hundred thirty one minutes it takes to get from Pattaya to the golf courses.
We arrived at the beautiful Greenwood golf course — and it was especially green and lush due to the recent rains — to find about twenty members of another society gathered at the starters’ gate. Back-up on the highway equals back-up on the golf course. In addition, it seemed that the caddie shack had already been emptied. Like I said, not a real auspicious beginning for a day out on the golf course.
Finally underway, we found the course in its typically good condition even considering the soggy fairways. Only the big hitters had any chance of getting on in regulation as no bounce, no roll, equals no chance of getting on in reg for the average bloke. This was reflected in the average stableford score of a mere 29.
1st Geoff Cox (15) 39 pts
2nd Les Cobban (8) 37 pts
3rd Tony Scambler (13) 32 pts cb
1st Mike Corner (21) 34 pts cb
2nd Gordon Melia (17) 34 pts
3rd Stuart Tinkler (17) 31 pts
Near Pins: Petur Petursen (not a misspelling), Les Cobban, Gordon Melia (2)
A beautiful day for golf at the soon to be lovely Pattaya C.C.. Well, maybe not that soon as we’ve been waiting for what seems an eternity for the greens — especially on the back nine — to come around. They absolutely have to be the slowest greens of any course in the world. The clubhouse is nice; and the fairways and bunkers were up to scratch.
The highlight of the day was the welcome return of our favorite Yank, Barry Murnin. This not so soft-spoken Yankee hails from an area where there are more golf courses than bus stops — Myrtle Beach. Why he would come all the way over on this side of the pond to play Pattaya C.C. is, well, hard to understand. There must be something else luring him here; I wonder what it could be?
Our B-flight guys had it all over the big boys today outscoring them in every position. The best they could do was 33 points — 33 points for first, second, and third. The lowest score in B-flight was 34 by, yes, you guessed it, Mr. Myrtle beach.
1st Jimmy Carr (16) 33 pts cb
2nd Niall Glover (14) 33 pts cb
3rd Steve Durey (19) 33 pts
1st Ken Young (27) 36 pts cb
2nd Peter Allen (30) 36 pts
3rd Barry Murnin (21) 34 pts
Near Pins: Steve Durey (2), Stuart Tinkler

Friday, November 13, Pattavia G.C. — Stableford —
If they sold Tiger beer here this would be the best golf course in Pattaya. After a couple Chang’s, it’s not easy to keep it in the fairway — just ask Neil. All kidding aside, this really is a lovely track: great layout, well-maintained fairways, good bunkers, excellent greens ( the greenskeeper at Pattaya C.C. should apprentice here ), and beautiful flowering scrubs and trees a plenty.
Our spirits were dampened a bit by the downpour midway through the front nine, but after a twenty minute delay the sun came out and it was a glorious day of golf: even considering the angst incurred creeping along Rt.3331.
1st Gordon Melia (17) 40 pts
2nd Colin Greig (10) 38 pts cb
3rd Stuart Tinkler (17) 38 pts
1st Tore Eliassen (18) 39 pts
2nd Neil Griffin (24) 34 pts
3rd Lee Butler (17) 33 pts
Near Pins: Jimmy Carr, Gordon Melia, Tony Scambler, Trevor Priestly

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