The Pattaya Sports Club Privilege Health Scheme

The PSC Privilege Health Scheme is now available and exclusive to members of the PSC, with all plans fully compliant with O-A & O-X Long Stay Visa requirements.

Pacific Cross offers 6 plan levels, all with emergency 24/7 worldwide coverage.

  • First time applicants accepted up to 75 (plus 364 days) with renewal up to age 99 years.               (Note: Pacific Cross have assured us that they will not deny cover to a policy holder exceeding 99)
  • Experience rated renewals (previous years claims experience may impact on renewal premium)
  • Over 65 applicants must undergo a Physician Examination Report, the cost of which is reimbursed by Pacific Cross at a rate of 10% of net premium up to a maximum of 7,500 Baht, provided that their offer to insure is accepted.
  • Elective treatment outside of Thailand requires pre-approval by insurer in every instance.


Plans cover Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency and Maternity.

  • Premier: ฿1,200,000 Cover
  • Premier Plus: ฿3,000,000 Cover
  • Maxima:  ฿5,000,000 Cover


  • Maxima Plus: ฿10,000,000 Cover
  • Ultima:    ฿20,000,000 Cover
  • Ultima Plus   ฿50,000,000 Cover


Please note that the table below is for illustration purposes, based on healthy applicants with no pre-existing conditions.
Some loading or exemptions may be applied when applications are processed.



All members must ensure their membership remains valid throughout the period of insurance, Expiry dates will be recorded by Pacific Cross and failure to do so will result in loss of PSC discount.


For more Information


Email:           Tel Eng:   Kevin                              091 839 5135
Line ID:     kev1508                                      Tel Thai:  Thanita (Anna)             082 423 2944


Disclaimer: All insurance contracts entered into are solely between member and Pacific Cross Insurance Co – The Pattaya Sports Club bares no responsibility or liability for any issues arising from a member’s insurance arrangements with Pacific Cross.


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