PSC Giving School Packs

School Packs
Shipment of goods for kids arrives
Bulk buying power is great and when it benefits the needy children in our area it’s fantastic. This huge shipment arrived recently and is being sorted into School Packs.
The new school year starts and some parents just can’t afford basic aids for their children. Government funding only goes so far….solution Pattaya Sports Club. Charity Chairperson Noi Emerson has been busy visiting the poorer areas in our district and finding Schools in need.
These exercise books pencils/pens erasers sharpeners rulers are being put into packs branded Pattaya Sports Club and distribution start this week.
The initial distribution goes to the students of 4 schools totaling 692 children with another 10 schools planned to receive packs next month.
Well done PSC staff….it’s a big job making the packs up …. We appreciate your hard work.

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