PSC Tournament Sign up Online

You can currently sign up on line for:-

1/. The Charity Classic on 6th March at Khao Kheow

2/. The Club Championship on 2nd & 4th April at Bangpra


It works on either a PC or mobile; below are the details how to get it on a mobile:-

Find the app. which looks like the pic below; there are many golfing apps, so make sure you get the right one!

Install it on your phone. Then open it and type in:-

At this stage, you do not need to sign in.

You should see the above screen, you can scroll down, past the tournament details, past the current tournament flyers and you will find the “Links” to the sign-up sheets.

Complete the details requested on the form, together with your playing partners and press the register button; if you have entered an email address, you will get an email by return acknowledging your entry.

Please complete your entry in the next 7 days by visiting the PSC offices to pay the registration fee of 200 Baht or use the PayPal button, which will cost you and the PSC a minimal amount.

If you wish to sign in, you use your PSC No. preceded by the number 1- (eg. 1-12345) and a password which we can email to you or give to you at the PSC office.

Once signed in, hit the tournaments button, then hit tournaments again and you will see the current tournaments which have been released.

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