PSC Thai Facebook Page (Special Request)

PSC Thai Facebook Page (Special Request)พัทยาสปอร์ตส์คลับ-1659930817629953/

The Pattaya Sports Club and what we do is well documented and well known to non Thais.
Between our email data base and close to 3000 Facebook followers our newsletter goes out to over 8000 people a month.
Unfortunately most Thais in our community have little knowledge about the PSC and the great work we do regarding sport and the millions of baht we donate to Charity Projects in goods and services.
That has now changed and we have launched the PSC THAI FACEBOOK PAGE but we need your help.
The new Thai Facebook has been loaded with some great articles all in Thai. It is a start and as news happens, what we put on the English page will be translated and put on the Thai page. We need your help to start the page rolling.
Many of you have Thai partners etc and ask if you can get them to Like the Thai page. This will also help those you know maybe understand what we do a little better as well.
We appreciate your help.

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