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Many of you know me and most of you will know by now that I took over the role as the PSC Golf Chairman last November.

I can tell you it might look easy from the outside looking in but it’s much tougher looking out, particularly as the PSC Golf has been through some pretty tough times in recent months. So with a new mandate from the EC., it was time to shake up the old beast and get the show back on the road.

PSC Website – Golf

No-one has to tell me about the problems they are experiencing, entering scores, failing to update, site navigation, scores entered twice and the general “golfers experience” on the website; although I have learnt today that apparently the “update” problem has been corrected.
However, it is my intention to get it all working properly but for a variety reasons I cannot go into, it will take time.

I know there are many free “handicap maintenance” apps available, believe me, I’ve looked at them and some of them are extremely good. Just at the moment, many of you maybe see them as better alternatives but I promise you, things will improve and when they do the PSC will be back, bigger and better than ever.


I believe, whilst I was up-country and away from golf, the PSC was using an on-line handicap system which was halted after sometime because of it’s incredible expense; mainly due to trying to maintain the on-line handicaps of some 4500 golfers, the majority of whom, did not play every month.
I believe the active playing golfers in any one month would average out at no more than around 1000; if that is the case, the PSC can afford to re-introduce tried and tested bespoke software, which works seamlessly with the tournament software on a mobile as well as a PC. The real cost of the software is based on numbers and players are adjusted up and down each month and payment is billed pro-rata.

On-Line Tournament Sign-Ups

A couple of days ago, we introduced On-Line Sign-Ups for the first two tournaments released by the PSC in 2019; 1/. The Valentine’s 4 person scramble on 14th Feb at the Navy course and 2/. The Charity Classic, a 2 Ball Better Ball event, at Khao Kheow on 6th March. Although not perfected, it works and you can now sign up for either of these tournaments using these links:-

Valentine’s Day Scramble

The Charity Classic

If you wish to put the app. on your mobile please use the link below and follow the instructions on this link:-


There is no need to sign in at this stage but to do so you will need your GSID which is 1-12345 (12345 being your PSC ID) and your password, which you can get by emailing the office on or or you can call Jack on 081 578 1956

If you login you will see further information which will updated and in use shortly.

Upcoming Tournaments

The Club Championship will be held at Bangpra on 2nd and 4th April, both days with an 8.30am first tee time with 2 tee starts. Online Sign-Up will be released for that shortly.

The monthlys will start in May, through to December and the plan will be to hold them regularly during the second week of each month. I am hoping to encourage our supporting PSC Outlets to host these events at the venue of their choice. The Outlet will run and host the day along certain guidelines, (with help from the PSC if required) and I hope also benefit from it. Just the start of some of the changes I plan to introduce this year to better serve our member Outlets so they will see the advantage of being a PSC Outlet with PSC members; which a free App, cannot do.
I will probably approach the Outlet with the highest throughput of PSC Members first and offer them the choice of month and venue. I will also alternate between Pattaya and the Darkside.

Finally, I have added Chee Chan to the list of courses where a PSC card can be used for a green fee discount and you will be required to show your member card. If you have larger groups and are interested in playing there, please let me know. I can tell you that the green fee there will be reduced for the low season on 1st April but I do not have the rate yet.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your golf!

PSC Golf Chairman





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