1. Introduction

Healthcare insurance is in recent months a hot item in the news with growing speculation of compulsory health insurance being a requirement for residential visas in the future. To that end, at the request of the PSC has researched the insurance market to find a quality solution for our present and future members.

In cooperation with smartnsure, we believe we have found an excellent value Club Group Scheme that will give our membership and their families, a market beating cover with PSC group premium rates. We are pleased to offer this to our members for consideration.

  1. Purpose
  • To offer members and families of the PSC tangible “economy of scale” discounts to what is an already excellent value and flexible Health Scheme.
  • With a broad span of plans and premiums covered by the underwriters, we are confident in providing the best cover for the majority of our members.
  1. Provider

We are delighted to inform our current and future members that we have added a major insurer to our list of sponsors offering exclusive group discount to our members:

Pacific Cross Health Insurance PCL is a member of the Pacific Cross Group of Companies, which was first established as specialist entity in 1971.

  1. Plan Overview

With multiple levels of cover and first time applications available up to 75 years of age, makes health insurance available to members who may have believed they were too old to be covered.

Pacific Cross offers 6 plan levels, all with emergency 24/7 worldwide coverage.

  • First time applicants accepted up to 75 (plus 364 days) with renewal up to age 99 years.
  • Experience rated renewals (previous years claims experience may impact on renewal premium)
  • Over 65 applicants must undergo a Physician Examination Report, the cost of which is reimbursed by Pacific Cross at a rate of 10% of premium up to a maximum of 7,500 Baht, provided that their offer to insure is accepted.
  • Elective treatment outside of Thailand requires pre-approval by insurer in every instance.

Plans cover both Inpatient & Outpatient

  • Premier Plus : THB    3,000,000 Cover
  • Maxima : THB    5,000,000 Cover
  • Maxima Plus : THB  10,000,000 Cover
  • Ultima : THB  20,000,000 Cover
  • Ultima Plus : THB  50,000,000 Cover

Additional 25 – 50% discounts for voluntary deductibles & 20% discount for inpatient only.

  1. Premium Indication

Premium table is for illustration purposes only and is based on a Standard Life.
Declarations made in the application form may affect individual premiums and cover.

NOTE: A lower (780,000 Baht) cover is available on request with a 10% group discount.

  1. Cooperation with PSC
  • The PSC is making available a valuable and versatile international medical benefit program for the exclusive benefit of its members.
  • The members will receive a discount of 15 % on the premium once groups of at least 11 Pacific Cross members are established.
  • All applicants will receive a personal policy and membership card.
  • All premium payments & renewals shall be paid directly to the insurance companies by bank transfer.
  • 24/7 client telephone claims & assistance hotline.
  • 5 yearly age banded premiums apply.
  • All claims paid at source once ID and health insurance card are presented.
  • smartnsure will liaise with all interested members in managing their applications and where able, assist with any claims and renewals.
  • 15 day “free look” period with full no obligation refund (minus any paid benefits) applies.


Memo from Pacific Cross

 It is very important for members to be aware that all Insurers rely upon truthfully completed application forms and therefore you should be aware that non-disclosed health conditions can lead to a policy cancellation.

Individual members need to consider their own health insurance needs as your Thailand Immigration Visa type may have a bearing on the insurance plan that you will be required to hold.


In summary: Our extensive research shows this scheme to be far superior to both our previous arrangement and other expat schemes found elsewhere in the region and we are pleased to offer this to our members for consideration.

We would greatly appreciate feedback of all interested members before the 1st of December.

NOTE: The PSC has negotiated this discounted rate for the benefit of its PSC members but has no legal responsibility for any disputed claims between the PSC members and the insurance companies.
When renewing insurance policy, PSC members must ensure their membership is fully paid up. . .


  1. Information

For more detailed information, contact:

Tel Eng:                       Kevin 091 839 5135
Tel Thai:                      Thanita (Anna) 082 423 2944
Line ID:                       kev1508

Additional Contact Information:

Willem Lasonder

Secretary of the PSC

M 089 253 5440