Pattaya Sports Club Halloween Family Fun Day



Saturday 31st October saw over 100 kids descend on the Siam Country Resort for the party where they could enjoy the swimming pool, bouncy castle, trampoline, clown and many other attractions. Apart from the charitable organisations it was very well supported by PSC members and their friends.

It got a bit scary mid afternoon when the thunder and lightning forced the kids inside but only to be overwhelmed with the fantastic spread of food, mostly kindly donated by PSC members. The burgers from Apple’s Irish Bar, the snacks from Kelloggs, the sweets from Jelly Belly Confectionery topped off with ice cream from Sicily Italian Restaurant and Paul and Nie Davies, and the milk supplied by Scot’s Corner were just a few of the kid’s favourites!  There was so much that a special delivery of Kelloggs foods had to be made to the 2 charity centres the next morning! Thanks Jeremy!

The party continued well into the evening with more great food and then an impromptu performance from the Apple Irish Bar Choral Society capped off a wonderful day.

Great to see so many people there in support of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre (ATTC) and the Child Protection and Development Centre (CPDC) and thanks to everyone who helped in their own individual way. Special thanks to the Siam Country Resort, Lodge Pattaya West Winds and Todd Givens for their generosity and support but the smiles from the kids really says it all – a fabulous day!

So many people contributed in so many different ways and all deserve recognition and our sincere gratitude for helping making it such a success.

World Wrap, Kull Bar, Billabong, Apple’s, Pat’s & Doctor’s, Pattaya Mail, Jim Reid, Barry Lewis, Gerry Conway, Nigel Cannon, Bee Knight, Geoff Couch, Dick Braimbridge, Willem Lasonder, Freddy & Mel Gardiner, Nigel & Noi Cannon and not forgetting the Organising Committee and staff of the PSC – thanks one and All! ———–> More photos  Pattaya Sports Club Halloween Family Fun Day


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