Pattaya Cricket Club 4/4

Pattaya CC and Royal Star CC defeated by the weather at Pattana Sports Resort on 4 April 2021

This was another must win match for PCC to ensure their top 4 finish in the Bangkok Cricket League (BCL).  A loss would be catastrophic and a draw would be problematic.  The weather was muggy and very overcast with heavy rain forecast from 10:00 am.  It became evident that PCC doesn’t like mornings.

Royal Star won the toss and decided to bat.  Neeraj Patel and Shyenish Maheswar opened for Royal Star against Ryan Driver and Matt Harkness.  Ryan’s first over went for a single, pretty normal for PCC’s principal bowler, but the others were subject to unfamiliar punishment.  Matt Harkness got the same treatment as Neeraj and Shyenish went on the rampage. Extras in the form of wides and No Balls certainly did not help as the bowlers seemed to have left their bowling arms at home. After 5 overs and 35 runs, Simon Philbrook rang the changes, with Ian Liddell and Chris Lindop, but Royal Star continued to batter the PCC bowlers, even the economical Chris went for 15 in his first over.  Events in the field were no better.  As the clouds grew darker, it began to rain cricket balls, but little stuck to the fielders’ greasy fingers.  Sheyenish was dropped on 27 by Andy off Wez Masterton, Bernie Lamprecht dropped a couple (one was a half chance) and Luke and Andy had a mix up where they both looked at each other whilst the Laws of Gravity acted on the ball until it hit the ground between them.  Woeful.  After 12 overs Royal Star were 119 for 0 and finally Andy Emery struck.  Sheynish, having just hit Simon Wetherell for 16, get caught on the boundary by Matt Harkness for 66.  Andy bowled somewhat loosely but struck in his next over and Rahul caught by Simon Wetherell, who fell and turned an ankle, for 5.  Bernie took over from Andy and proved to be PCC’s most economical bowler (4 overs, 22 for 1) and he took Neeraj’s wicket on 73 as he top-edged a skier which Dan Allen caught on the run.  166 for 3 off 18 overs and a 200+ score looked inevitable.  Abhichek Jain and Maunil Shah were at the creases when Chris Lindop returned to the attack and took both their wickets in consecutive balls – Maunil for a duck, caught by Ryan in the deep and Abhichek for 5, caught by Dan.  Things were looking up for PCC who might have stopped the rot, but it was not to be.  Abhinav Pokarana and Shubham Pant plundered Chris, Ryan and Matt for more boundaries before Matt took a consolation wicket of Abhinav for 22, caught by Dan, his 3rd, and Royal Star finished on 231 for 6 with Shubham 28 not out.  Chris and Andy both took 2 wickets and whilst Bernie was economical, most others were about 10 per over.  Mr Extras reared his ugly head with 23.

Wez Masterton and Matt Harkness were sent out to chase down 231 – a monumental task and worth a few beers if successful.  Royal Star were not noted for a strong bowling attack, so there was a chance for PCC’s big hitters.  Wez went to town with 7 boundaries off 12 balls for 38 and Matt got 9 to earn PCC 38 from 3 overs before thunder, lightning and heavy rain forced the abandonment of the match.

PCC’s final position rests on the result of Bangkok CC 2 versus Tamildnadu CC next Sunday at PSR.  BCC2 should win as TCC is bottom of the Division, but BCC2 needs bonus points and if they get them, PCC’s goose will be cooked and they will finish 5th.

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