Pattaya Bowlers League 07/05


On 6 and 7 May 2016 the Pattaya Bowlers Club was the host of the 18 team Urban Kings, Queens and Princes bowling competition.  Teams from all over Thailand plus two teams from Laos competed.  Each team consisted of five bowlers.  The first day was devoted to opening ceremonies with the Mayor of Pattaya and other dignitaries attending.  The Mayor throughout the first ball to start the tournament.

The rest of day on consisted of singles with each team represented by one bowler.  Day two consisted of two men from each team, then three and finally all five bowlers from each team.

All trophies for this tournament were provided by the Pattaya Sports Club which was much appreciated.  As one of the major sponsors the PSC banner was hung over the lanes.  PSC Bowling Chairman La Montgomery is the Vice President of the Pattaya Bowlers Club and she was asked to be Treasure for the tournament in addition to many other duties to assist the smooth running of the competition.

Chonburi won the Kings Cup.  Pattaya won the Queens Cup and Phuket won the Princess Cup.  The royal trophies will be retained by the winners until the next competition which will be held in about six months at Ban Pong, Thailand

A party was held at a local hotel for all bowlers and guests.

Later the Pattaya bowlers and staff were invited to City Hall by the Mayor and asked to bring the Queens cup for display.

The bowlers went to the Pattaya Orphanage to donate money from the tournament.

See pictures of the bowling below.

bowlers & trophey at City Hall bowlers and their metals Donation to Pattaya Orphanage La Montgomery, PSC Bowling Chairman with Royal trophies La receives trophey from the Mayor Pattaya bowlers and staff Pattaya team with staff with their metals and Queens Cup PSC banner for major sponsor The royal trophies Trophies donated by PSC

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