Huai Yai School Charity Update

It’s nice to put pictures to Charity…money goes and sometimes you can’t really see what has been done with money but in the case of Huai Yai School it is plainly evident.
This school has 300 students and unfortunately government funding can only go so far. Huai School is an ongoing project and to date we have supplied many needed items to give the children a better educational environment.
From ceiling fans, computers, monitors and furniture to the latest achievement of a water filtration and treatment system.
The system can adequately provide fresh filtered drinking water to 300 thirsty children and teachers.
In money terms it cost 90,000 Baht that the PSC provided, the whole project is now at over 200,000 Baht and when you look at the smiling faces of the children it’s worth every Baht..!!


New Water Filter



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