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Important Health Insurance Notice

PSC’s Insurance Advisers have informed us that they have recently been granted Agency with the International Insurer VUMI and through preliminary discussions have received positive feedback in respect of VUMI becoming an Exclusive Health Insurance provider to the Pattaya Sports Club Members.

VUMI are a well-established high-end American Insurer that has expanded into SE Asia offering comprehensive Worldwide cover throughout their range of benefits and more suited to High Net Worth individuals/Professionals who require all-inclusive, high value health cover.

This PSC Exclusive Scheme would be based on the VUMI range of Global Flex VIP plans (starting from 3M USD of cover)

VUMIs key features include: 

  • Annual/Semi Annual/Quarterly/Monthly premium options.
  • No Physician’s Examination.
  • First Time Applications Up To 74 with Lifetime Renewal.
  • 15% SE Asia Restriction Discount.
  • Pool Rated Renewals (No Renewal Penalty from Making A Claim). 
  • Deductible Discount Options.
  • Second Medical Opinion VIP.
  • Complies with Current COVID Regulations for Entering Thailand.

VUMI proposes that Members would receive an initial 12.5% discount from inception of the scheme with the potential of tiered premium discount increases.

Year one: A minimum of 10 Members returns 12.5% Discount (note a husband & wife/ family policy, constitutes 1 Member)
Numbers will be assessed each anniversary, with the potential following discount increases:

>50 Members = 15%
>100 Members = 17.5%

Note: VUMI’s proposal is conditional to 10-member policies being issued by the scheme’s anniversary and in event this number is not met, current policy holders will revert to individual status and following years renewal premiums will be calculated without the 12.5% discount.

In order to gauge potential member’s uptake, we would request PSC members contact Kevin to register their interest and receive full information and a personal quote if requested.

Disclaimer: All insurance contracts entered into are solely between member and VUMI – The Pattaya Sports Club bares no responsibility or liability for any issues arising from a member’s insurance arrangements with the Provider.

Contact Information

Tel: 091 839 5135
WhatsApp: +66 81 996 3058
Line ID:  kev1508



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