Covid-19 forces the postponement of Pattaya Cricket Tournament

COVID-19 forces the postponement of the Pattaya Super 8’s Cricket Tournament.

This news will be a great disappointment to cricket enthusiasts, supporters and players in the Pattaya area.  The continuation of the latest wave of Covid-19 has forced the postponement of the finals for the Bangkok Cricket League (BCL), Seasons 4 and 5 of the Pattaya-Rugby School Indoor League and now, most importantly, the Pattaya Super 8’s Cricket Tournament which was due to be held at the Pattana Sports Resort (PSR) on 12th & 13th of June.  A great deal of work had been done by the Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) and PSR in making arrangements for the matches and other entertainment during the tournament. Its is hoped that the six teams that intended to participate – Pattaya CC, Asian Stars CC, The Southerners CC, The British Club, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the Parrots CC will be available at a future date.  The impending wet season and current covid restrictions will preclude an immediate re-scheduling, but PCC is looking at early November as a possible alternative – subject to Covid-19 restrictions.  This would provide a good opportunity at the beginning of the new season to hone some skills and set the scene for the BCL.  Readers will be kept informed as the situation develops.

The next cricketing event that is still on the calendar is the Koh Chang Beach Cricket Tournament from 13-15 August at the Shambala Beach Resort.  PCC earned a 3rd place last year and hope to improve this time around.

Other cricket news is the progress of a practice net at the Outback Sports Bar on Siam Country Club Rd, near Lake Mabprachan.  PCC has been trying to obtain such a vital facility for some time, and eventually formed a partnership with Andre and obtained sponsors for its construction.  The practice net is fully enclosed, flood-light and long enough to accommodate a quick bowlers’ run-up and tall enough to cope with looping balls from spin bowlers (except for Bobby Young whose dibbly-dobblers come down with snow on them).  There will be a changing room and shower.  The base and cage are complete and the lighting is currently being installed. The mat is still on-route from India.  This will be a fantastic resource for the PCC who can buff-up on their batting and bowling skills pre-season and hopefully minimise the extras totals.  The Net will be available, for a fee, to other clubs, schools and groups that wish to practice from early July, hopefully.  Booking should be done through the Outback Sports Bar, Tel: 099 349 9927.




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