Computers for local school

Government funding only goes so far,
On Thursday 19th November committee members Noi Emerson, George Bennison, Maurice Roberts ,Dick Warlberg and André Van Dyk visited Baan Chang public school with a pick-up truck full of goods.
The school has over 2000 students and was in need of computers to help in computer studies.
10 computers with monitors and accessories were presented to some very appreciative teachers.
Classes with 50 children are one of the first things that you see. It doesn’t take long to realize the teachers have their work cut out for them.
When you visit schools in the area you get to see how different things are in Thailand from what we are used to. What we call necessities sometimes just doesn’t exist like fresh clean drinking water and basic modern learning aids like computers. Makes us all feel proud that the PSC is doing its bit to help make things a bit easier.

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