Charity Chairperson – Khun Noi Emmerson

Dear Beneficiaries,

Whilst we are extremely pleased to be of assistance to you in your most worthy humanitarian work, the Pattaya Sports Club has a few policies we must follow when making these donations.

Below are a few guidelines.

All requests for donations must be in writing in Thai or English and addressed to the President of the Pattaya Sports Club only.

The letter of request for assistance must be handed to our Charity Chairperson – Khun Noi Emmerson or through the Pattaya Sports Club office staff who will forward your letter to the president or the secretary for consideration at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Khun Noi Emmerson will contact you for an appointment to evaluate the extent of your needs and report back to the EC.

In case of buying supplies or construction materials, a detailed estimate of the costs involved must also be submitted, including labour costs and miscellaneous expenses. The estimated completion and handover dates must also be included in the request documents.

If and when your request is approved at the EC meeting, we will inform you to present yourselves at the PSC office at your convenience where the Khun Noi Emmerson will meet with you to finalise the details.

Noi Emmerson

Charity Chairperson

Pattaya Sports Club

Tel: 087 948 4300



Thanking you

Sincere regards

Pratheep S. Malhotra Peter


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