Cowboys & cowgirls hit the trail to the PSC Summer Party

The Pattaya Sports club held their Summer Party on July 4, 2018 which coincided with American Idenpendence Day, so naturally the theme chosen for the festivities would be a “Cowboy Night”. The summer soundup saw cowboys and cowgirls of all ages “Head’em up and move ’em out” to the grand ballroom at the Holiday Inn.

President Peter Malhotra welcomed the guests and outlined a brief history of the PSC, stressing the support the club has received from many individuals and groups over the years. “Pattaya Sports Club has changed a lot over the years, but still remains true to what we set out to do. As a founding member of the club, I am delighted with what has been achieved over the years.

The dedication and commitment of the committee means that thousands of people’s lives have been changed for the better. All of this comes from the members, without them there would be nothing. The club is embracing many types of sports, broadening the net, making the club more attractive and in turn enabling us to continue doing what we do best, “Promoting Sports and Supporting Local Charities”

A number of local personalities attended the soiree including Nittaya Patimasonkroh, m member of the registered committee, Elfi Seitz, designer of the club logo, and Vutikorn Kamolchote, president of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya,  the civil engineer who planned and built our clubhouse many years ago.

Staunch supporters of the golf section, Andrew Cornelio – Director of Sales and Jirapol Kaemajaree – Golf Consultant at the Pattana Golf Club & Resort including Rachan Buahin, Sales Manager of Mytt Beach Hotel were also in attendance.

The evening commenced with the thrilling Khun Dance presented by children from Nong Ket Yai School. They performed a shole segment of the epic tale of Ramakien (Ramayana) much to the fascination and enjoyment of the guests both Thai and foreign.

Guests were also charmed by the performance of little children from the Child Protectin & Development Center (DPDC) under the care of Mrs. Radchada Chomjinda, director of the Human Help Network Foundatin Thailand. (HHNFT) and Siromes Akjrapongpanich. the assistant director.

Whilst the grown-ups were wetting their whistles served by pretty saloon girls, Tim Hedges performed Elton John’s top hits. He was quite impressive and received accolades from the audience.

Michael Good Man Sing band performed rock and roll songs, shile a male heart-throb singer belted out popular Thai Esan songs, much to the delight of the local ladies and their energetic dudes on the dance floor.

At the end of the vening raffle prizes were drawn. Prizes included dinner vouchers from the various establishments in Pattaya with the main Prizes being 2 half-baht-weight gold chains.

A hearty hand shake of gratitude and appreciatin goes to PSC Social Chairman Paul Cornwell, who planned and executed an escellent Summer Party this year.

Y’all come back to our Christmas party now ya hear.

*Story and Photos courtesy of Pattaya Mail


Ngamjit (Noi) Emmerson (left) Charity Chairperson smiles as Ingkarat Chaimongkon, PSC Office and Publicity Manager introduces her team. (l-r) Watcharin Amnuayseri (Oar), Nantida Thepsai (Tida), Kasamol Promkoon (Molly) and Pararee Srichat (Candy)

After a most thrilling Khon performance, the artists receive gifts of appreciatin from Elfi Seitz and Nittaya Patimasonkroh.

Peter Malhotra thanks Siroms Akrapongpanich Dep. Director of the CPDC for the performances as Noi Emmerson (right) presents the kids with a little gift.

Social Chair Paul Cornwell presents a gold chain to the lucky winner.

Peter Malhotra presents the second gold chain to a lucky winner.

Rachan Buahin, Sales Manager of Mytt Beach Hotel presents ond of the raffle prizes sponsored by the hotel.

Contestants and winner of the Best Cowboy Costume.

Excellent musicians insure the dance floor was packed throughout the evening.



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