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Links Golf Society 19/6

Winner, Greg Perfrement, with Derek Phillips (L) and Colm O'Donovan (R).    Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpra.....Wed..Jun.19....S/ford   Perfect Forty For Perfrement   We missed out on Bangpra last month because someone there tried to charge us an exorbitant green fee, so we cancelled. &nb... More

Links Golf Society 14/6

Green Jacket winner, Stu Brown  Pattaya Links Golf Society..Greenwood.. C+B....Fri. Jun.14…..S/Ford.   Green for Brown at Greenwood   The Pattaya Links Golf Society ended the week with a trip up highway 331 to Greenwood to play a stableford competition on the Peter Thompson designed course which ... More

Siam Country Resort 15/6

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        15-06-2019   Jim Payne the man at eastern Star   First a correction of last week results. Neil Harvey was second with 37 stable ford points and Dave Smith third with 33 stable ford points.   This week only one competition day. On Tuesday we ... More

Bunker Boys 9/6

Monday, June 9th Pattana Sports and Country Club C & A. 1st Geoff Cox (17) 35 points 2nd Sean Murphy (19) 31 points 3rd Craig Dow (6) 31 points. Near pins Craig Dow, Jimmy Carr, Mike Lloyd & Michael Brett. The Bunker Boys were pleased to welcome back Blair (Skinny) Newton and Mike Lloyd to the ... More

Links Golf Society 12/6

Winner, Derek Phillips, with Warren Gallop (L) and Alan Walker (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana...A+B…..Wed. Jun.12…..S/ford   Phillips and Yates Down To The Wire   Although overcast in the morning, the forecast was for cloudy and no rain. At Pattana that is exactly what we got, ... More

Billabong 12/6

Sasicha and Sa. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD Some bunkers were flooded following heavy rain yesterday, Tuesday, and  there are positive signs that the course is improving but there are still some large areas where the grass has disappeared and one would suggest that if the greens staff are ... More

Links Golf Society10/6

   Another Tight Finish at Laem Chabang   After a Friday washout at Khao Kheow twenty-seven PLGS golfers were even more intent on enjoying a stableford competition at Laem Chabang on Monday, 10th June. The day was bright with some scattered cloud cover but nothing threatening as they teed off on the A nine, ... More

171th PSC Member’s Tournament


Siam Country Resort 8/6

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        08-06-2019   Long grass at King's Naga   On Tuesday 4th June we went with 3 groups to King's Naga. The course was in bad condition, the grass on the fairways was long and next to the fairways was much too long. The bunkers were bad, but had suffered of ... More

Bunker Boys 3/6

Monday, June third 3rd Treasure Hill 1st Michael Brett (15) 32 points 2nd Jimmy Carr (16) 31 points 3rd Chris Dellamare (1) 28 points Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Chris DellamareX 2. Today we had the pleasure of welcoming back Sean  Murphy,  and Chris Dellamare for the first game of June ... More

Tropical Golf 7/6

Tropical Golf Khao Kheow June 7 13 Starters 7 Finishers Too Much Rain   Winner Takeshi H 33 Pts 2nd Place Frank X 31 Pts 3rd Place Gordon C 29 Pts 4Th Place Tom H 28 Pts 5Th Place David B 26 Pts Non Winner Best 9 Brian P 12 Pts What A Fabulous Day HaHa More

Tropical Golf 4/6

Winners Left To Right Tropical Golf Pattana Golf Great Course No rain Gordon 33 pts Mick 33 Pts Steve 38 Pts   A Flight                                                 B Flight 1St Place Steve 38 Pts                        1St ... More

Tropical Golf 31/5

Tropical Golf Treasure Hill May 31 Front Tee Friday A Flight Winner John D 40 Pts.       A Flight                                                  Best 9 Non Winner 2nd Place Steve T 37 Pts                     A Flight ... More

Links Golf Society 5/6

Winner,"B" flight, Darren Beavers, with Derek Phillips (L) and Nils-Peter Kristensen (R)       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...A+B…..Wed. Jun.5…..S/ford   Another Dose of Beavers' Magic - Just!   A stormy day was in prospect on Wednesday, 5th June as the PLGS headed for Burapha to ... More

Billabong 5/6

Nu, Porn and Lynn. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD The first 9 holes were sunny and hot but we could see a storm developing in the distance which, unfortunately, was moving towards Green Valley. We were, seemingly, surrounded by continuous thunder and the darkest clouds you can imagine which only ... More

Links Golf Society 3/6

Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Mon…Jun.3...S/ford John ( I played badly) Harrison Wins Again This Monday was a new Public Holiday in Thailand so we were not sure how busy we would find Treasure Hill Golf Course. Happily, to our surprise, we were the only Society lining up for the 10.00 am tee time, ... More

Bunker Boys 27/5

Monday, May 27th Laem Chabang A & C 1st Michael Brett (16) 42 points 2nd Tony Plummer (18) 33 points 3rd Jimmy Carr (16) 31 points Near Pins Michael Brett. Another low season visit to the beautiful Laem Chabang course which as always was in pristine condition, it would be a very fussy golfer who could ... More

Links Golf Society 31/5

   Winner,"A" flight, Colm O'Donovan with Michael Wright (L) and Darren Beavers (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society...Plutaluang…East/South….Fri..May.31….S/ford   Colm Makes A Triumphant Return   Twenty four golfers made a quick dash for the buses as rain began to tumble just at our departure time, ... More

Siam Country Resort 31/5

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        31-05-2019   Dave Smith unbeatable at Crystal Bay   On Tuesday 28th May we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay, where we the B & C course played. Then course was in reasonable condition, the fairways where good in the centre, but many bare places on the ... More

Billabong 30/5

Miss Kran and Brian, Greg Ritchie and Brian   WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH GREEN VALLEY HAVEN CONSULTANTS MONTHLY MEDAL The trip along the 36 to Green Valley was a nightmare today for there were 2 obstructive accidents and the normal 30 minute journey took close to 1 hour so everyone was late on the tee. So ... More

Links Golf Society 29/5

   Winner, Tip Briney with Alan Walker (L) and Jim Norkett (R)      Pattaya Links Golf Society...Royal Lakeside…Wed..May.29...S/ford   A Big Tip at Lakeside   It was Royal Lakeside's turn to host the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Wednesday, 29th May and the return of a few old friends made ... More

Links Golf Society 27/5

Pattaya Links Golf Society....Laem Chabang…A+C...Mon..May.27...S/ford   Leave It To Beaver(s)   Early morning showers on this Monday morning failed to deter our twenty five golfers as they gathered at Links Bar for coffee or a full breakfast.   The two buses got away on time for the trip to ... More

Links Golf Society 24/5

Winner, Darren Beavers (Green Jacket), with John Anderson (L) and John Harrison (R)       Pattaya Links Golf Society….Pattaya C.C...Fri.  May.24...S/ford   Darren’s “Flash of Brilliance”   Masa Sugaya was in our group and his card showed 41 points so we reckoned he had the Green Jacket ... More

Bunker Boys 20/5

Monday, May 20th Pattavia 1st Michael Brett (17) 40 points. 2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 40 points 3rd Geoff Parker (16) 37 points Near pins Stuart Brown, Myke Thomas, Tony Robbins, & Ross Schiffte. A baker's dozen golfers made their way up 331 for the first game of the week at the Pattavia Course. Pattavia is ... More

Tropical Golf 23/5