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Bunker Boys 14/10

Monday, October 14th Pattana Sports & Country Club B & C 1st Robby Watts (9) 35 points 2nd Craig Dows (7) 33 points 3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Craig Dows X 2. As is often the case at Pattana the weather threatened with rain, thunder, and lightning all ... More

Links Golf Society 18/10

Winner "B" flight, Mike Firkin, with Mark Efendie (L) and Barry Horman (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow…B+A…Fri..Oct.18....S/ford   This Time A Green Jacket for Mike   Apparently the telephone system was down this morning as two people could not contact us to cancel so, with these two no ... More

Billabong 18/10

FRIDAY OCTOBER 18TH PLUTALUANG CHARITY STABLEFORD Never  missing the opportunity to help those in need, Capt. Bob and Sandy heard about the Ban Krasang School, just outside Buriram, who had a serious need to have an additional classroom for their ever expanding school. The staff at the school started to build an ... More

Growling Swan Golf 14/10

Five of the Seven players plus Mike Johns who did not play.   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. PLUTALUANG GC, 14th of OCTOBER, 2019. PRH Grey. Steve Younger on a roll 2 from 2. The Magnificent Seven and that’s how many we had to ... More

Links Golf Society 16/10

Winner "A" flight, Mark Efendie, with Brock Jensen (L) and Barry Horman (R)       Pattaya Links Golf Society….Eastern Star.....Wed..Oct.16...S/ford   Mark Efendie’s Stand Out Score   Unannounced walk-ins and scratchings meant much re- shuffling of players and groups, just to start the day off ... More

Billabong 16/10

Cottee and Peter WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD Clear, blue skies, a gentle breeze and a golf course now in good condition with some smooth, silky greens are the perfect ingredients for some good scores to be achieved. But, the post golf comments seemed to contradict this expectation for they ... More

Links Golf Society 14/10

Thirty Nine Points Gets Chin a Win   Greenwood never promised us a rose garden, but they did promise a two tee start, and that’s what we got.   Starting four groups from each of B and C tees should ensure a quick round. It was for five groups, who managed to get finished before the, now regular, ... More

Links Golf Society 11/10

Winner "B" flight, Wayne Peppernell, with Phil Davies presenting       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana...C+A…..Fri. Oct.11…..S/ford   Captain Wayne Triumphs After a Long Day   It was one last go at the special price of 1250 bht all-in at Pattana, if taking a tee time after 12 noon. We had ... More

Bunker Boys 7/10

Monday, October 7th Plutaluang East & South 1st Michael Brett (14) 33 points 2nd Craig Dows (7) 33 points 3rd Jimmy Carr (16) 32 points Near pins Craig Dows, Keith Hemmings, Geoff Cox A big influx of visitors for today's round at the Thai Navy course including Keith Hemmings, Roger Touhy, Sam Gersho... More

Links Golf Society 9/10

Winner "A" flight, Phil Davies, with Guy Stewart (L) and John Anderson (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...C+D…..Wed. Oct.9…..S/ford   Snake Oil Works for Phil   Phil Davies arrived at Links this morning planning on withdrawing from the start sheet. His left shoulder was in ... More

Billabong 9/10

William with friends. WEDNESDAY.  OCTOBER 9TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD Everything started well. It was a beautiful sunny day with no sign of rain and a day’s golf to look forward to. So onto Route 36 with plenty of time for our tee time until we come to a full stop with traffic that was backed up as far as ... More

Links Golf Society 7/10

Winner "B" flight, Tip Briney, with Tony Browne (L) and Paul McManus (R).    Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Silky Oak....Mon..Oct.7....S/ford   Tip Briney In The Photo Again   As “High Season’ approaches and with some of the special deals at Golf Clubs about to end, the framing of a schedule a ... More

Growling Swan Golf 3/10

L to R, Mashi, Rod, and today's winner, Keith Buchanan   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. GREENWOOD G.C. 3rd of October, 2019. PRH Grey. KISSY is never too far from the chocolates! With only seven golfers we headed out to take on ... More

Links Golf Society 4/10

Winner, George Mueller with Andrew Rossen (L) and Bill Copeland (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society....Pleasant Valley…Fri. Oct.4….S/ford   Thunder, Lightning, Fire, & George Mueller   As our groups started the back nine at Pleasant Valley it was thunder and lightning all around, but only a drizzle ... More

Bunker Boys 30/9

Monday, September 30th Treasure Hill 1st Craig Dows (7) 32 points 2nd Robby Watts (8) 31 points 3rd Geoff Cox (15) 30 points Near pins Jimmy Carr, Craig Dows, Robby Watts, Michael Brett. A bright sunny day for the last game of September at the Treasure Hill course. We virtually had the course to ourselves ... More

Links Golf Society 2/10

Winner, Kevin LaBar with Bryan Barrell (L) and Iain Craigen (R).        Pattaya Links Golf Society...Rayong Green Valley…Wed.. Oct.2….S/ford   Jacket a Perfect Fit for Kevin   When we went to Green Valley a month ago for the first time in a long time, it was being prepared for a Singha ... More

Billabong 2/10

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2ND GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   So we are moving inexorably to the day that all golf courses use as an excuse to charge you more for your regular game of golf, from November 1st or ‘the high season’ as they like to call it. But for now have a thought for the caddies for many are only ... More

Links Golf Society 30/9

    David McKey Locks In A Win   Bangpra is recognized by many as a course where playing to handicap is a good achievement. Unfortunately, today, none of our twenty four starters could do even that well.   No blame on the course as it was in almost the best condition I can remember, and the ... More

Growling Swan 26/9

Monthly Mug Winner, Nat Rukkid (R), with Wan Mukmal (L). PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. PATTAYA C.C. 26th of September, 2019. PRH Grey. Nat Rukkid takes The September Mug with a solid game!   Twelve golfers signed up to play ... More

Links Golf Society 27/9

Winner, Takeshi Hakozaki, with Rowan Lucas (L) and Derek Phillips (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Fri..Sept.22...S/ford   Travelling Takeshi Grabs a Win   In contrast to our previous game, it was back to our, currently, usual numbers as twenty three golfers headed for ... More

Bunker Boys 23/9

Monday, September 23rd Pattana B & C 1st Robby Watts (8) 39 points 2nd  Michael Bret (14) 33 points 3rd Jimmy Carr (15) 32 points Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Robby Watts X 2 Torrential overnight and early morning rain meant the Pattana course was very soggy so from the outset we choose ... More

Siam Country Resort 28/9

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                 27-09-2019   Paul Davies again in the winning mood   On Tuesday 24th September  we went to Greenwood, where we played the B & C course. The course was in very good condition with nice fairways and true greens despite the heavy rain ... More

Links Golf Society 23/9

Winner, Andrew Blackman, with Tommy Marshall (L) and Carl Lovatt (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpakong.....Mon..Sept.23….S/ford   Sun Shines On Andrew Blackman   One game washed out, the next almost washed out, so it was heartening to have everyone who signed up for this game arrive in ... More

Result of PSC Monthly Tournament at Eastern Star on 19th September 2019

Thursday 19th September Eastern Star Today was the monthly PSC golf tournament – with a difference! Originally scheduled for the 12th Sept, Jack received a message from an unrecognised number back at the beginning of August; later to discover it was from an old playing partner of his, Clive Robinson. He gave Jack the ... More

Links Golf Society 20/9

Winner, (A flight) Derek Hutchinson, with Ritchie McIntosh (L)           Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Fri…Sept.20...S/ford   Hutchinson Survives The Wet   After being washed out at Eastern Star two days previously, thirty two excited players decided that it couldn’t happen ... More