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Bunker Boys 15/2

Monday, February 11tth Soi Dao 1st Alan Sullivan 40 points 2nd Richard Mohns 37 points 3rd Neil Carter 36 points Winning team Paul Smith team With the cancellation of next weeks Kabin Buri trip a small group organised by Keith Norman grew into a much bigger event with a total of twenty-four golfers plus ... More

Growling Swan 14/2

Winners Tony Cook & Steve Younger. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. PATTAVIA – Thursday 14th of February 2019.  STABLEFORD. By:  PRH Grey. “It’s Steve Younger triumphant again!” Twenty golfers set out in two buses and a couple of cars was the requirement to deliver us out for today’s ... More

Tropical Golf 15/2

Tropical Golf Friday, Feb 15, 2019  Greenwood Buckers rips Greenwood apart while Dave and JD have wins!   Off to Greenwood a familiar but what a lot of Tropical’s consider one the best value courses around was on the menu for Friday.   No Vouchers available from the PSC so we paid 900 baht ... More

Cafe Kronborg 14/2

Rob Brown on the left, with Kurt Sandgaard on the right, with Dave 'The Admiral' Richardson in the centre.   ROB “CONSISTENCY” BROWN WINS AT BANGPAKONG CAFÉ KRONBORG AT BANGPAKONG 14TH FEB 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Bangpakong on Valentines Day, Thursday 14th February, where the course was in lovely ... More

Siam Country Resort 15/2

Ty, Joop & Neil                                                          Paddy & Willem PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        15-02-2019     Dutch week   On Tuesday 12th February we went to Mountain Shadow with 3 groups. ... More

Links Golf Society 13/2

"A" flight Winner, Bill Steinmann, with Colm Lawlor (L) and Adam Barton (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Greenwood...A+C...Wed…Feb.13….S/Ford.   Steinmann Star Man   The Pattaya Links Golf Society called in on Greenwood on Wednesday, 13th February to play a stableford competition with the ... More

Growling Swan 11/2

Steve Younger, Alex Field, today’s winner Mikito Homma  and Dave Maw! PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD.                  PLEASANT VALLEY G.C. – 11th of February, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Honesty is the Best Policy, Mikito Homma well done!” Fifteen golfers were all ... More

Cafe Kronborg 11/2

Jan Lovgreen on the left, Tore Eliassen on the right with Dave 'The Admiral' in the centre TORE TAMES TREASURE HILL CAFÉ KRONBORG AT TREASURE HILL 11TH FEB 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Treasure Hill on Monday 11th February, where the Yellow Tees were chosen to give the players a reasonable chance of beating the ... More

Tropical Golf 12/9

Tom Don Rob and Carlole PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group TIGER TEE Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019  Bangpakong Rob, Tom, Carole, and Don Win on Tiger Tee Tuesday!   This Tuesday the Tropical Golfers really broke convention and tried something different.   As a fun experiment this Tuesday golfers ... More

Links Golf Society 11/2

"A" flight Winner, Maurice Roberts, with  Phil Davies (L) and Seamus Byrne (R)   Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...A+B…..Mon. Feb.11…..S/ford   Maurice’s Great Big 42 Points.   An unusual, for this time of year, grey cloud hung over Pattaya and our golfers were thinking ‘rain’ as they ... More

Growling Swan 7/2

Keith Buchanan and todays winner Colm Mullen! Photo bombing are casa and Cookie. That should put a smile on your face Rene! PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. KING’S NAGA G.C. – 7th February, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Colm Mullen returns a great score to blitz the field”    Wednesday ... More

Tropical Golf 8/2

Richard Kubicki Wins the Monthly Mug at Crystal Bay   PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, 08 February, 2019 Crystal Bay Golf Club – Medal 27 players 16 place getters     Crystal Bay was hot and humid, but a steady breeze kept playing conditions from being too unpleasant. We ... More

Links Golf Society 8/2

"B" flight Winner,Tony Browne, with  Hilary Stoker (L) and Maurice Roberts (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society....Pleasant Valley…Fri. Feb.8….S/ford   If It's Friday It Must Be Browne   The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Pleasant Valley on Friday, 8th February to play a stableford competition on ... More

Siam Country Resort 8/2

Stan, Stephen & Neil                                                   Stephen, Ty & Willem PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        08-02-2019   Stephen Ford on fire at Pattavia   On Tuesday 5th February we went to Plutaluang with 4 groups, where we ... More

Links Golf Society 6/2

Winner,"B" flight, Len Jones, with Malcolm Garretty (L) and Phil Mitchell (R).    Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Wed…Feb.6...S/ford   Jacket for Jones, Ties Optional   Treasure Hill, always a tough test and yet one of the most popular venues on the PLGS schedule. The group visited ... More

Tropical Golf 5/2

Buckers Karen and richard PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Tuesday, Feb 05, 2019  Khao Kheow 26 players 14 place getters and 26 points get a placing on a tough track. Richard, Graham, and Karen Win at Challenging Khao Kheow   This Tuesday the Tropical Golfers decided to really test themselves and ... More

Growling Swan 4/2

Dave Maw & Andrew Allen. With a guest appearance by Kissy.) PSC GOLF REPORT. THE GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD.                  MOUNTAIN SHADOW G.C. – 4th of February, 2019. PRH Grey. “Dave Maw takes it out in a low scoring contest!”   “Take It Easy HOLE in ONE BONUS ... More

Cafe Kronborg 4/2

Kjeld Jorgensen on the left, Gordon Clegg on the right with Dave 'The Admiral' Richardson in the centre. GORDON CLEGG BAGS 40 POINTS AND SHOT OF THE DAY CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PLEASANT VALLEY 4TH FEB 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Pleasant Valley Monday 4th February, where the course had recently had some rain and was soft ... More

Links Golf Society 4/2

Winner,"B" flight, Darren Beavers, with Richard Dobson (L) and Jim Ferris (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society…...Bangpakong.....Mon. Feb.4….S/ford   Beavers Enjoys the Riverside     The Pattaya Links Golf Society turned out in style at Bangpakong Riverside on Monday, 4th February, when ten ... More

Links Golf Society 1/2

Chris Barker with "wig","silly hat" and Jacket                     Winner,"B" flight, Tony Browne Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Fri..Feb.1...S/ford   Tony Browne Scores 40   Chris Barker the first to wear the Jacket, Silly Hat and Wig All at Once.   After just ... More

Tropical Golf 1/2

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, 1 February, 2019 Mountain Shadow Golf Club 20 golfers 11 place getters. Rob, Dave and Karen Win at Mountain Shadow   Today's challenge was Mountain Shadow Golf Club, from the blue tees. It proved to be a worthy adversary , with only one player scoring better ... More

Bunker Boys 1/2

Monday, January 28th Greenwood A & B 1st Ken Elmore (20) 38 points 2nd Peter Allen (29) 37 points 3rd Kob Glover (27) 36 points 4th Raleigh Gosney (23) 35 points 5th Colin Greig (11) 34 points Near pins Les Cobban, Alan Sullivan, Colin Greig X 2 A good field of twenty-two made the trip to the ... More

Growling Swan 31/1

Mug Winner Steve Younger and Dave Maw. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. PATTAVIA – THURSDAY 31st of Jan. ‘19.   STROKE. “JANUARY MONTHLY MUG” By:  PRH Grey. “It’s Steve Younger rebuilding his career!” Twenty eight starters, two buses and a couple of cars were required to deliver us for ... More

Links Golf Society 30/1

"B" flight winner,Keith Melbourne, with Paul Stewart (L) and Darren Beavers (R)   Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattaya C.C.....Wed..Jan.30...S/ford   Melbourne & Brown, Just for the Record   The Pattaya Golf Society ended its January schedule with a visit to local Pattaya CC on Wednesday ... More

Billabong 30/1

Miss Phin with Brian Chapman WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30TH GREEN VALLEY HAVEN CONSULTANTS MEDAL The penultimate round of the Haven Consultants Monthly Medal today with 10 previous winners of this competition waiting in the wings before battling it out to find this year’s champion in both ladies and gentlemen’s ... More