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Siam Country Resort 25/9

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya 25-09--2020   Beautiful Khao Kheow and Burapha This week we played 2 beautiful courses with interesting fees. On Tuesday 22nd September we went to Khao Kheow, were we played the A & B loop. The course was in very good condition. It was easy playing as long you ... More

Links Golf Society 23/9

Winner, Derek Phillips, with Links Ladies, Moon (L) and Joy(R). LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Burapha A+B Wed. Sept.23 S/ford   Derek Dazzles with 45 Points   The sky was light grey and the humidity high as our thirteen Links golfers assembled at the first tee, A1 at Burapha. As there were no other players ... More


Happy Hunting Ground for Mike It was just a month ago that Mike Firkin cleaned up at Royal Lakeside with a great score of 43 points from a, then, handicap of #22. Returning to his ‘happy hunting ground’ today, he has scored another great 44 points from a much reduced handicap of #19, now coming down due to some ... More


Len Jones Wins at his ‘Home Course’ This Emerald Golf Course is just improving all the time since the new owners took over. There was machinery all around the course today, keeping the fairways in terrific condition with expertly cut grass, and also getting into the rough. Mind you, it is still hard to find a ... More

Bunker Boys 14/9

Monday, September 14th Pleasant Valley 1st Michael Brett (15) 39 points 2nd Geoff Parker (17) 36 points 3rd Geoff Atwell (24) 31 points Near pins Jeff Crosthwaite, & Michael Brett For quite a long time the Pleasant Valley Course has disparagingly been referred to as Unpleasant Valley, today it could ... More

Siam Country Resort 18/9

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya 18-09--2020   Tension at Eastern Star On Tuesday 15th September we went to Pleasant Valley. The course was in good condition and we were looking forward to a nice round of golf. During the front nine the clouds were getting black and we were lucky that we just were ... More

Links Golf Society 16/9

Winner, Tommy Marshall   LINKS GOLF SOCIETY...Treasure Hill…Wed..Sept.16...S/ford   Tommy Prevails-Hard Course-Hard Day Regular readers and golfers who have played at Treasure Hill Golf Club will know that, although a very good class of golf course, is not an easy one to achieve high points scores.... More

Links Golf Society 14/9

Winner, 𝐃𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐤 𝐏𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐬 (C) with Links Ladies, Moon (L), Wan (R), Joy (Front) LINKS GOLF SOCIETY....Laem Chabang…A+C....Mon...Sept.14...S/ford   Derek Finds Top Form When He needs It. When our fourteen Links Golfers made their way to Laem Chabang it was under the ... More

Billabong 14/9

Phoenix Mountain and Ocean loops in what must be called very threatening weather the black clouds hung around us all day but not a drop got us. The course as usual was in great condition and it was good to see other golfers out there enjoying their day also. We only had a small field which saved Thiery Petrement some money ... More

SIAM Country Resort 12/9

Beautiful courses On Tuesday 8th September we went to Pattavia. The course was in very good condition. Putting is always challenging on Pattavias Greens. The weather was not too bad. It was a cloudy day and we had a big shower at the end of our round. Nevertheless, we had good results. It was an exciting compet... More

Links Golf Society 11/9

Winner, Bill Copeland LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Pattana A+C Fri Sept.11 S/ford   Now it’s Bill’s Turn for 43 points What happened to the ‘A’ nine greens? At our last visit, we commented on how good they were and that the ‘B’ nine greens were very patchy. Now the ‘B nine seems to be under repair ... More

Bunker Boys 7/9

Monday, September 7th Pattana A & C 1st Michael Brett (16) 37 points 2nd Dave Ashman (20) 34 points 3rd Geoff Parker (18) 33 points Near pins Jeff Crosthwaite, Jimmy Carr, Dave Ashman, & Michael Brett. Pattana was the venue for the first game of the week. As is often the case at this course ... More

Links Golf Society 9/9

Winner, Huw Phillips, wearing a Green Jacket from an earlier time. LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Bangpra Wed Sept.9 S/ford   Huw Phillips Wins a Close Finish When you walk to the first tee at Bangpra and see the ninth green to the right and the practice green ahead, both looking in magnificent condition, and then looking ... More


Wayne Having a Purple Patch It was a surprise to be told that we would play the A+B combination today as it was only 12 days ago that the greens were cored. The course is, generally, in very good condition with nicely cut fairways, some good run, and the rough has been cut down, but is still fairly tough to play. ... More

Billabong 8/9

Whilst the course wasn’t packed it was nice to see some other golfers on the course today. Playing Phoenix Gold is always a pleasure and today was no different with fast greens and fairways so lush and easy to hit for made a pleasant day out for all. Just three groups today and we got away right on time and were in the ... More


   Forty Points Enough for Mike Firkin When the score cards from the early groups came in, it looked to be a low scoring day, but then group number four came in and stopped that thought. Mike Firkin kept up recent good form to take the win with a big 40 points and another Green Jacket, although he ran away to Hua ... More

Siam Country Resort 4/9

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya 04-09--2020 Exciting game at Pattaya Country Club Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Tuesday competition at Greenwood, because it was raining too much. So, we were looking forward to our Thursday game on Pattaya Country Club. Thursday 3rd September was a nice ... More

Links Golf Society 2/9

Winner, Wayne Peppernell LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Greenwood B+C Wed. Sept.2 S/Ford.   Wayne Wins on a Wet Wednesday September already! Is it me getting old or are these days and months really going quicker than before? September also saw us run out of luck at Greenwood. After being washed out at a game during ... More

Billabong 2/9

Green Valley as usual and the course was in great shape even though you could have had a swim in the bunkers yesterday as it hammered down with rain for a few hours, the course was wet in places but after an hour or so carts were allowed on the fairways. With just two groups of ladies and 4 groups of men we were away a ... More

Links Golf Society 31/8

Winner, Paul Durkan. LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Laem Chabang A+C Mon Aug.31 S/ford   Paul Durkan Tops The List Again On another fine, but overcast day, our twelve golfers, who became thirteen, after adding one who forgot to sign up, headed off for beautiful Laem Chabang golf Course. As usual this course was in ... More

Billabong 31/8

It was Phoenix golf today and the weather was perfect with jus some high cloud and low temperatures, it tried a little later to rain on us but it was only a few spits in the end. The course was in great condition with very fast greens and no way you could get a bad lie anywhere. We absolutely shot around the course we were ... More


Billy Buchanan Does a Bolt The day was slightly overcast as eight players headed for Pleasant Valley, and it stayed that way for the rest of the day, with a nice breeze most of the time. The course was in good condition with the fairways well grassed and looking good. The rough is the same as most of our recent ... More

Billabong 28/8

Billabong golf frid 28th August The monthly scramble today at Phoenix Gold golf course which is in spectacular condition at present. With 8 teams playing and the course almost empty the teams just cruised around. There were no funny moments reported and apart from some of the fantastic scores it really was a good day ... More

Siam Country Resort 28/8

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                                  28-08--2020   Ty Anderson sky high at Burapha On Tuesday the 25th August we went to Eastern Star. It was a nice cloudy day and not too hot. The course was in good condition, but the greens were sanded. ... More

Bunker Boys 24/8

Monday, August 24th Treasure Hill 1st Tony Robbins (20) 39 points 2nd Michael Brett (16) 37 points 3rd Dave Ashman (22) 35 points Near pins Geoff Parker, Dave Ashman, Tony Robbins & Michael Brett. As Treasure Hill is one of the more difficult courses we play and scores are usually low several members ... More