Tropical Golf 22/3

Karen Brown and Andre Van Dyk. Tropical Golf Friday, 22 March, 2019 Treasure Hill Golf and Country Club 25 players 14 prizes. Steve Truelove, Andre Van Dyk, and Karen Brown Win at Treasure Hill The minivan driver and a couple Tropical golfers loaded and reloaded the back of the van, trying to squeeze in ten ... More

Growling Swan 21/3

Today’s winner Sean Millar & Mashi Kaneta.   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. CRYSTAL BAY G.C. – 21st March 2019. PRH Grey.   “Sean Millar smashes the his way to the Top, his acceptance speech was unbelievable.” Not a great deal to report with nine golfers ... More

Bunker Boys 18/3

Monday, March 18th Bangpra 1st Mike Lloyd (18) 36 points 2nd Keith Smithson (4) 34 points 3rd Robby Watts (8) 34 points Near pins Keith Norman, Robby Watts, and Keith Smithson. Once again two nice surprises lay in store for the Bunker Boys at the Bangpra course, first we didn't have to wait till eleven ... More

Links Golf Society 22/3

   Winner of the Green Jacket, Mike Tottenham, with Maurice Roberts wearing the "silly hat"   Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattaya C.C.....Fri.  Mar.22...S/ford   Tottenham Tops   The Pattaya Links Golf Society chose to stay local on Friday, 22nd March as they visited Pattaya CC to play a ... More

Cafe Kronborg 21/3

KURT SAVES VIKING HONOUR WITH 40 POINTS CAFÉ KRONBORG AT GREENWOOD 21ST MAR 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Greenwood B & C courses on Thursday 21st March, with both the A & B flight men playing off the yellow tees and the ladies playing off the red tees which were only a short distance ahead. The course was in ... More

Siam Country Resort 22/3

Jim & Willem PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        22-03-2019   Dry courses   On Tuesday 19th March we went with 3 groups to treasure Hill. The course was in good condition, but there are now many dry spots outside the fairways. The sun does its work and we feel the heat especially ... More

Growling Swan 15/3

Steve Younger, Keith Buchanan, Todays winner Rod Weekes and Martin Kempton. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. PLUTALUANG (Big Navy) G.C. – 15th March, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Rod Weekes as a late acceptance takes it via a Count Back.”      Well what a decent crowd to a ... More

Billabong 20/3

Noodle, Sasicha and Nu. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   Why would a prestigious golf course like Green Valley have an irrigation system that is so antiquated that it belongs in the 20th century?  Many sprinklers have been out of order for a long time resulting in some watering of ... More

Links Golf Society 20/3

Winner of the Green Jacket, David Innes, with Phil Davies presenting. Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow…A+B…Wed..Mar.20..S/ford   Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Low Scores   The day started as usual with many golfers coming for breakfast or just a coffee. Then an orderly boarding of buses and cars ... More

Tropical Golf 19/3

Landis David Alan and Roy PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, 19 March, 2019 Bangpakong Riverside Country Club David Bailey rips Bangpakong apart with 45 points.   It's still high season for golf, and a good crowd of players met at BJ's Holiday Lodge before making the trek up the 7. Bangpakong ... More

Cafe Kronborg 18/3

Ty Anderson on the left, Jan Lovgreen on the right, with Dave 'The Admiral' Richardson in the centre. TY TROUNCES OPPOSITION CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PLUTALUANG 18TH MAR 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Plutaluang East and South on Monday 18th March, which we haven’t played for some time and it soon became apparent why West ... More

Links Golf Society 18/3

"A" flight Winner, Phil Davies, with Masa Sugaya (L) and Barry Horman (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpakong.....Mon..Mar.18….S/ford   Phil Still on A High   Bangpakong Riverside Golf Club welcomed the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Monday, 18th March when the group arrived to play a ... More

Tropical Golf 15/3

Pleasant Valley Golf and Country Club Front Tee Friday: Rob Brown shoots Gross 71   The Tropical golfers assembled at BJ's Holiday Lodge, perhaps anticipating some high scores at Pleasant Valley. This was scheduled as Front Tee Friday, and we were playing the shorter white tees instead of our usual blue ... More

Bunker Boys 15/3

Monday, March 11th Greenwood B & C 1st Mike Lloyd (18) Net 68 2nd Ken Davidson (23) 70 3rd Robby Watts (8 ) Net 72 Team prize Raleigh Gosney & Ken Davidson 66 points Near pins Robby Watts, Geoff Parker X 2 Sports day pricing was the first nice surprise for the Bunker Boys today making the round ... More

Links Golf Society 15/3

Winner, "B" flight, Mike Firkin, with David Heyes (L) Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Fri…Mar.15...S/ford   Mike Firkin Makes a Comeback   Once again, the day started hot and tiring, and that is before we boarded the buses to Treasure Hill. However, conditions did cool slightly later ... More

Cafe Kronborg 14/3

Karen Brown on the left, Henning Olsen on the right, with Dave 'The Admiral' Richardson in the centre. HENNING HITS THE HIGH SCORE CAFÉ KRONBORG AT TREASURE HILL 14TH MAR 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Treasure Hill Thursday 14th March, where the course was not at its’ very best, the greens having been aerated so ... More

Growling Swan 14/3

In the photo we have from L to R; The Colonel Alan Sanders, The Turtle Andrew Allen, today’s winner Steve Younger and Martin Todd. “What a Motley Crew”. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. KHAO KHEOW G.C. – 14th March, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Steve Younger gets to the line first yet ... More

PSC Club Championship 2019

Sign up online for PSC Club Championship To secure your place in the tournament:- Please arrange to pay your registration fee:-  (400 Baht per player) within the next 7 days at PSC office.   More

Siam Country Resort 15/03

Ian, Dave & Willem                                            Jonathan & Ty PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        15-03-2019     Ty Anderson on fire at Mountain Shadow   On Tuesday 12th March we went with 3 groups to Greenwood, where ... More

Links Golf Society 13/3

"B" flight Winner, David Bibby, with Chris Walsh (L) and Rocky (R)    Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Wed..Mar.13...S/ford   Bibby's First Green Jacket   The Pattaya Links Golf Society returned to Pattavia on Wednesday, 13th March, not without some trepidation having heard the day before ... More

Billabong 13/3

Phip, Sasicha, May and Paer                                         Lloyd, Selwyn and Sandy. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD There is one thing you can guarantee with Thai ladies, they will never miss an opportunity to celebrate something –or anything come ... More

Weekday Green Fee Vouchers For Sale

The Green Fee Vouchers are available at Pattaya Sports Club Office.  and the Expiry Date: – Pleasant Valley : No Expiry Date – Pattana Expired on Sep 30th, 2019 – Parichat+Bangpra : Expired on March 31st, 2019 More

Growling Swan 11/3

Winner Steve Younger (centre) the Colonel (on the Left) and Peter Grey.. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. SILKY OAK G.C. – 11th March, 2019. PRH Grey.   “You can Book this one up Steve Younger to good on the day.” Probably our lowest starting lineup ever! And I am not suggesting ... More

Tropical Golf 12/3

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 Greenwood Golf Club – St Playing in the sunshine at Greenwood It was a perfect March morning in Pattaya, and the Tropical golfers gathered at BJ's Holiday Lodge on Beach Road, Soi 3, and wake up with coffee or breakfast. The three and four balls had ... More

Cafe Kronborg 11/3

Patrick Poussier on the left, with Peter Bygballe on the right & Dave 'The Admiral' Richardson in the centre.   PATRICK POUSSIER COUNTBACK VICTOR      CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PATTAVIA 11TH MAR 2019 Cafe Kronborg played Pattavia on Thursday 11th March, where a small but optimistic group took on the ... More