Bunker Boys 9/9

Monday, September 9th Pattana B & C. 1st Robby Watts (7) 34 points 2nd Geoff Parker (17) 34 points 3rd Raleigh Gosney (19) 32 points Near pins Raleigh Gosney, Jimmy Carr, & Robby Watts. In this monsoon season, we have had little or no rain and when it does rain it's usually at night. What we have ... More

Links Golf Society 13/9

Winner, Kevin LaBar, with Ritchie McIntosh       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana...A+B…..Fri. Sept.13…..S/ford   Friday the Thirteenth Lucky for Kevin LaBar   This was our third trip to Pattana Golf Club in three weeks. The reason being that we had some great pricing for two of those ... More

Growling Swan 12/9

PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. BURAPHA G.C. 12th of September, 2019. PRH Grey. Rod Weekes climbs to the top for this Journey! Monday, and we only have nine golfers, such a shame playing a course as good as this one is. Well it’s off ... More

Siam Country Resort 13/9

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                 13-09-2019   Jonathan Pratt climbs to the top   On Tuesday 10th September  we went to Pattavia. We are always again surprised by the quality of this course. Again was the course in a very good condition. It was a quiet day on the ... More

Billabong 11/9

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 11TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD I was not aware Thailand had the occasional cyclone. Well that is the impression you have when walking around certain parts of  Green Valley for some matured trees, that are doing no harm to man or beast, have been demolished and left together with all the now dead ... More

Links Golf Society 11/9

Winner, Aki Yamamoto, with Chris Barker (L) and Kevin Rogers (R) (L).       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...A+B…..Wed. Sept.11…..S/ford   Yamamoto's to the Top   On Monday, 11th September, the Pattaya Links Golf Society travelled to nearby Burapha to play a stableford competition in ... More

Growling Swan 9/9

Winner, Rod Weekes, with Mashi Kaneta (L) and Keith Buchanan (R).     PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. PATTAVIA G.C. 9th of September, 2019. PRH Grey. Rod Weekes climbs to the top for this Journey! Monday with fourteen ... More

Links Golf Society 9/9

Derek Phillips Bounces Back   After a mixed bag of results recently Derek made the comment that “ we can still comeback”, and today he did just that with a top score of 37 points to once again wear the Green Jacket.   Twenty six players arrived at Greenwood, many with high expectations after eight ... More

Links Golf Society 6/9

Triple Crown at Khao Kheow   An overcast and intensely humid Friday still managed to draw two dozen golfers to the Links for the trip to Khao Kheow to play a stableford competition on the C and A nines, which were in good condition despite the restriction of golf carts to the paths, certainly for the front ... More


PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. GREENWOOD G.C. 5th of September, 2019. PRH Grey. The Viper Strikes Again! Making it Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! It’s Thursday and as Thursdays go we are off The Front Tees, seventeen golfer’s filled ... More

Bunker Boys 2/9

Monday, September 2nd Pattavia 1st Daryl Vernon (23) 45points 2nd Peter Allen (29) 34 points 3rd Gerry Cooney (19) 33 points Near pins Michael Brett, & Daryl Vernon X 2. Grey skies and the prospect of rain were on hand for the first game of September, luckily the rain held off and the round was ... More

Siam Country Resort 7/9

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                07-09-2019 Stanley Rees on fire at   On Tuesday 3rd September  we went to Khao Kheow, where we played the A & C course. The course was in excellent condition. It was a pleasure to play here today. We had nice weather, so good ... More

Links Golf Society 4/9

Happy Winner, Bill Copeland, with Wayne Peppernell (L) and Kieron Maund (R).        Pattaya Links Golf Society...Rayong Green Valley…Wed.. Sept.4….S/ford   No Longer the Bridesmaid   It has been a long absence, but finally a suitable price and tee time enabled us to visit Green Valley ... More

Billabong 4/9

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   Areas north of Korat have suffered some severe flooding recently whilst around Pattaya we have only just experienced the start of the rainy season, we hope,  with brief periods of rain over the last few days. Not sufficient yet to turn the brown fairways ... More

PSC donates bed-linen and pajamas to children at Sotpattana School for the Deaf

Lovely children say thank you to their benefactors. Pattaya Sports Club President Pratheep ‘Peter’ Malhotra, together with Noi Emmerson, Charity & Social Chair and GM Ingkarat Chaimongkon, visited the Sotpattana School for the Deaf August 29 to make a presentation of various necessary items in support of the ... More

Phyathai Sriracha Hospital health check up promotions for September

For more information on the hospital health check ups contact Gavin on 089 - 750 - 0293 or Email More

Growling Swan 2/9

Peter Grey (L) and Winner, Mark Stapleton (R).   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. Green Valley G.C. 2nd of September, 2019. PRH Grey. Mark Stapleton, “The Viper,” strikes out on his second last game this tour!   We ... More

Links Golf Society 2/9

Pattaya Links Golf Society....Royal Lakeside…Mon. Sept.2….S/ford   Simon Says “My Green Jacket”   On a perfect wet season day, that is no rain, twenty three golfers headed for beautiful Royal Lakeside Golf Club for our second visit in twelve days. That’s how it works sometimes.   The ... More

Links Golf Society 30/8

Winner "B" flight, Colin Service, with Paul Tedesco (L) and Alan Walker (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana...C+B…..Fri. Aug.30…..S/ford   Top Class Service at Pattana                   The Phil McClure Memorial Trophy   This week, a year ago, saw the sad ... More

Growling Swan 29/8

  PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STROKE. “AUGUST MONTHLY MUG” EASTERN STAR G.C. 29th of August, 2019. PRH Grey. Well Steve Younger makes it 5 Monthly Mugs and says, “There are plenty more to win”. Good effort Steve!   Thursday and Mug ... More

Siam Country Resort 31/8

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                31-08-2019   Beautiful Wangjuntr   On Tuesday 27th August we took the long drive to Wangjuntr Golfpark, where we played the Valley course. Our long trip was rewarded with a beautiful course in a perfect condition. We had nice weather ... More

Bunker Boys 26/8

Monday, August 26th Pattana Golf Club  B & C 1st Daryl Vernon (23) 36 points 2nd Robby Watts (7) 33 points 3rd Stuart Brown (8) 33 Points Near pins Taro Yukimori, Stuart Brown X 2 A howling gale force wind made the course almost unplayable today, certainly anyone who didn't play straight suffered the ... More

Billabong 28/8

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29TH GREEN VALLEY HAVEN CONSULTANTS MONTHLY MEDAL A beautifully, sunny day today at Green Valley so clear that from the top of the course you could see for miles (or is it kilometres) and for anyone that thought golf was just a walk in the park, a strong wind made its’ presence felt to remind ... More

Links Golf Society 28/8

The excited trio, Winner, Nils-Peter Kristensen, with Bryan Barrell (L) and Takeshi Hakozaki (R).    Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpra.....Wed..Aug.28....S/ford   Nils-Peter Climbs to the Top   After an absence of almost two months we returned to Bangpra Golf Club to take advantage of the Sports ... More

Links Golf Society 26/8

Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpakong.....Mon..Aug.26….S/ford   Barker Top Dog at Riverside   The Pattaya Links Golf Society began the final week of August with a trip to Bangpakong Riverside to play a stableford competition. A surprisingly small field had signed up, the result of an attractive ... More