Weekday Green Fee Vouchers For Sale

The Green Fee Vouchers are available at Pattaya Sports Club Office.  and the Expiry Date: -Khao Kheow :  700 Baht (Weekday) Expired on October 31st, 2019 -Pattana : 900 Baht (Weekday) Expired on Sep 30th, 2019 - Pleasant Valley : 650Baht Baht (Weekday) : No Expiry Date -Rayong Green Valley 850 Baht  ... More

PSC Monthly Tournament at Pattaya CC.

"Our next monthly event is still on Tuesday 11th June but has been moved to Pattaya CC, as we were unable to agree a satisfactory rate at Greenwood. No venue for the presentation has been set yet, we will update shortly." More

Bunker Boys 13/5

Monday, May 13th Pleasant Valley 1st Geoff Cox (17) 39 points 2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 35 points 3rd Geoff Parker (16) 33 points Near pins Stuart Brown, Jimmy Carr, & Gerry Cooney X 2. With weekend rain and Pleasant Valley being one of the poorer draining courses we thought pick, clean, and place may be ... More

PSC Event at Phoenix on 16th May 2019

PSC Event at Phoenix on 16th May - 2 person scramble Following the Valentines Day Scramble, the Charity Classic at Khao Kheow and the Club Championship at Bangpra, the PSC’s regular monthly series of events for 2019 kicked off at Phoenix Gold yesterday, the 16th May, with a two person scramble. This was the first of a ... More

Links Golf Society 17/5

   Winner "B" flight, Masa Sugaya, with John Mason (L) and Mike Firkin (R).    Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Fri..May.17...S/ford   Masa In The Picture Again   Masa Sugaya never misses a photo op as, at last count, he has been in the Links photos eight times since March 18. He has ... More

Siam Country Resort 17/5

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        17-05-2019   Stormy weather   On Tuesday 14th May we went to Eastern Star. The course was in good condition with good fairways and good greens. We had a nice sunny day with a nice breeze. And it was not too hot today. The course is not easy, but we had ... More

Links Golf Society 15/5

Winner, Maurice Roberts, with Barry Oats (L) and Phil Davies (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...A+B…..Wed. May.15…..S/ford   Maurice's Memory Returns   On Wednesday, 15th May, the Pattaya Links Golf Society was spoilt with a competition at Burapha on the A and B nines which were in ... More

Growling Swan 13/5

Today’s runners up, Colin Stielow, Keith Buchanan with Peter Bass an old sponsor of ours at The Growling Swan.! PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. PATTANA G.C. – 13th of MAY, 2019. PRH Grey. Ian Ward has the one lesson and comes back to ... More

Billabong 15/5

Selwyn, Bill, Craig and Jeff. WEDNESDAY, MAY 15TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   Changes  are taking place at the Green Valley complex, or is it Barcelona Valley now. St. Andrews will be closed until November, one may be of the opinion, for major renovations. But Green Valley, in an effort to encourage ... More

Links Golf Society 13/5

"A" flight, Lee Rodman, with Paul Lanzetta (L) and Kevin LaBar (R). "B" flight, Marco Beer, with Phil Davies   Pattaya Links Golf Society....Laem Chabang…C+B...Mon..May.13...S/ford   Marco Beer Toasts A Big Win   When a top of the range International Golf Course, designed by the great Jack ... More

PSC Monthly Tournament Start Sheet at Phoenix


Annual General Meeting 2019

PSC Annual General Meeting 2019 will be held on Saturday 15th June as the details below : More

Growling Swan 9/5

  PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. TREASURE HILL G.C. – 9th of May, 2019. PRH Grey. Marco Beer, “He came He Saw and He Conquered.”   Fourteen golfers were here to have a crack at The Infamous Crocodile Rock at the lovely course ... More

Bunker Boys 6/5

Monday, May 6th Plutaluang North & West. 1st Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points 2nd Takeshi Hakozaki (12) 32 points 3rd Michael Brett (16) 31 points Near pins Les Humphreys, Takeshi Hakozaki, Jimmy Carr, & Michael Brett. Due to the Coronation Holiday when most courses put up their green fees we decided to ... More

Links Golf Society 10/5

Winner,"A" flight, Pete Seil, with Keiran Maund (L) and Mick Bunn (R).      Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Fri…May.10...S/ford   Pete Seil Breezes Around Treasure Hill   There are those who dislike playing at Treasure Hill for their own reasons, but that didn’t stop thirty ... More

Siam Country Resort 10/5

Paddy & Martin PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        10-05-2019   Average week   On Tuesday 7th May we went with 3 groups to Plutaluang, where we the East and South course played. The course was in good condition with good fairways and good greens. We had partly clouded weather with ... More

Tropical Golf 7/5

Greenwood Golf May 7, 2019 More

Tropical Golf 3/5

Emerald Golf May 3, 2019 More

Tropical Golf 30/4

Royal Lakeside April 30, 2019 More

Billabong 8/5

WEDNESDAY, MAY 8TH STABLEFORD GREEN VALLEY I am not sure but I think I saw the General Manager and his staff doing a rain dance when I arrived at the course today. If so, it certainly worked for we had some heavy rain half way around the course, well for at least 2 minutes. There are more signs of wear not helped ... More

Links Golf Society 8/5

  Winner "B" flight. Mike Firkin, with Masa Sugaya wearing the "wig".     Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana...A+B…..Wed. May.8…..S/ford   Pattana is Mike Firkin’s Favourite   Pattana is a golf course which is always presented in splendid condition and today was no exception. Apart from ... More

Golf Chairman Report.

Hello to all PSC Golfers, time for a brief word from your Golf Chairman. There is plenty of work in progress, which I hope will be of benefit to all of you; in the meantime, I have a number of events planned over the coming few months. I am staying with the “novelty theme”, as most of our Member Groups, play ... More

Growling Swan 6/5

Bill Steinmann, Patrick Poussier & Dave Neal.   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF @ BOGEY’S Bar & Grill. STABLEFORD. BANGPRA G.C. – 6TH May, 2019. PRH Grey.   “It’s The Buffalo Bill Show out rating Inspector Cluesso.”   Fifteen golfers took up the challenge ... More

Links Golf Society 6/5

  Willie Pushes Hard as Exley Wins   Never shirking the challenge the Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Eastern Star on Monday, 6th May, to play a stableford event on the testing course which is now showing signs of some fatigue with fairways desperate for water.   OK there is a lot of run ... More

Growling Swan 2/5

PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF @ BOGEY’S Bar & Grill. STABLEFORD. BURAPAH G.C. – 2nd May, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Marty K has a good day out, with some very good scores about.”      Sixteen golfers took up the challenge today to play at Burapah, been quite some time since we ... More