PSC funds isolation huts for Glory Hut Foundation

PSC President Peter Malhotra, accompanied by Social Welfare Chairwoman Noi Emerson, and Pol. Lt. Col. Atipong Wuthwattanakul, along with Huay Yai police officers and relevant others, witness the PSC donation of 34,000 baht to Glory Hut Foundation Director Pornsawan Kitpirak to buy 2 huts where patients with AIDs can ... More

The Pattaya Sports Club donated 40,000 baht to the Fountain of Life

The Pattaya Sports Club donated 40,000 baht to the Fountain of Life to buy Supplies and stationary for the children under their care. Social Welfare Chairwoman Noi Emmerson have got the request from The Fountain of Life asking for sponsorship to buy supplies and stationary for the children under their care.  The EC ... More

PSC donates uniforms to School No. 8 volleyball team

Surat Mekhavarakul (5th right), Peter Malhotra (4th right) with PSC members, teachers and athletes pose at the presentation ceremony. The Pattaya Sports Club donated uniforms to the student athletes selected to compete in the ‘16th All Thailand Regional Administrative Organisation of Thailand Students Games’. PSC ... More

The Pattaya Sports Club present 100,000 baht in scholarships to the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya.

Peter Malhotra, MD of Pattaya Mail and President of the Pattaya Sports Club, and Noi Emerson, Pattaya Sport Club Social Welfare Chairperson present 100,000 baht in scholarships to the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya.   The YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya Center awarded 608,700 baht in scholarships as part of its Warm Family program. ... More

PSC donates school uniforms to children at ATCC

The Pattaya Sports Club donated school uniforms to 36 under privileged children under the care of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center. On November 11, Club President Peter Malhotra and Social Welfare Chairwoman Noi Emmerson made the presentation to Palisorn Noja, director of the Ban Khru Jaa Foundation. ... More

Pattaya Sports Club donates scholarships to children with special-needs

Pattaya Sports Club President Peter Malhotra together with our General Manager, Ingkarat Chaimongkon participated in the Lions World Service Day on October 6 at the Redemptorist School for Persons with Disabilities where we made a donation of 10,000 baht to support the education of children with special needs. The event ... More

Ngamjit Emmerson receives royal recognition

Ngamjit Emmerson receives royal recognition Her Majesty Queen Rambhai Barni in the reign of KM King Rama VII proclaimed that deserving citizens should be recognized for dedicating their lives in the service of the community and their noble efforts to bring about an understanding of the traditions and cultures of all the ... More

Charity at Mapprachan School

On behalf of Pattaya Sports Club, on 5th Sep 2018 Khun Noi Emmerson, PSC Charity Chairperson, at Mapprachan School for the handover of the Nursery 1, classroom. The opening Ceremony been blessed by 9 monks followed by Banglamung District chief Khun Naris Niramaiwong and the Principle of Mabprachan school. After the ... More

Charity Chairperson visited Camillian Center

On the 1st September 2018 PSC Charity Chairperson, Khun Noi Emmerson visited Camillian Social Center Rayong for just a routine visit. On her visit she’d been greeted by Mr. Jimmy. Jimmy have been kind to show Noi around the Camillian Center and meet with all the patients and children. The Camillian Center has been ... More


On Thursday 31, 2018 the PSC. President presented envelopes to 190 children who had been recommended by their school teachers as children in need. The photos show some of the children receiving their gift from Pattaya Sports Club committee representatives.   More


Local Charities were recently invited to submit a list of any essential / urgent needs which they might have at this time. The response was amazing, within one week we got lists from 10 local charities! The requests were considered by the Exexcutive Committee and funds allocated. The 10 recipients were invited to ... More

Pattaya Sports Club supports Mabprachan School

Khun Noi Emmerson Charity Chairperson presented 77,000 Baht to supports Mabrachan School for buying student lunch tables. More

Pattaya Sports Club continues to sponsor the ‘Bikes for Tykes’

Pattaya Sports Club continues to sponsor the ‘Bikes for Tykes’ Scheme Rick Bevington (Father Xmas) has voluntarily repaired bicycles for needy children for many years. Rick collects and repairs unwanted bikes and, with help from the PSC also buys safety helmets and new bikes where necessary as funds allow. After ... More

P.S.C supports the Human Help Children

The photo shows Khun Toy being presented with a cheque to buy X'mas Toys for children. Your donations are always welcomed by this worthwhile organisation. Others  in the photo are members of the Pattaya Sports Club.   More

PSC Presented Water Filters

Tuesday 19th.Charity Chairperson Noi Emmerson attended Wat Sawang Arom School and presented 2 water filters to the school. Now the children can have clean drinking water. More

P.S.C helps Children’s home 07/06

P.S.C helps Children's home on Friday June 7th P.S.C representatives made their annual donation to sister Joan's ''Fountain of Life' children's home. If you would like to help this very worthwhile home it's located just behind the P.S.C office. More

P.S.C sponsors the “Walk-Run” charity on Pattaya Beach for women and children

P.S.C staff present cheque to YWCA purchase trophy cup.   More

Bikes for Tykes

Rick Bevington continues to provide bikes to needy Kids. Rick teaches the kids to maintain the bikes and to ride safely. P.S.C supports Rick with essential finance. More

P.S.C Charity

PSC Supplies drinking water to another school Ban Hin Wong School.   More

Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children's Day 2017 at Baan Hin Wong School.   More

P.S.C. cares for kids by sponsoring safe drinking water systems at local schools

Photos show the P.S.C. team assessing the needs at one of the schools! More

P.S.C Charity

On the 8th October Mr Maurice Robert and Khun Noi Emmerson were attending the Pattaya Park Shooting Range. To donate 20,000 baht to the Mayor of Nongprue  Khun Mai Vhaiyanit.  The money donated by Pattaya Sports Club is to help many families with Autistic Kid. More

School Packs-Chom Chon Wat Koa Mai Kaew School

On Thursday 11 August 2016 Charity Chairperson Noi Emmerson, supported by PSC staff and committee members, distributed almost 700 school packs to the chidren of Chum Chon Khao Mai Kheaw School. In addition several pairs of shoes were donated to needy students at the school. Being the day before Mothers Day students, ... More

School Packs – Map Fack Thong School

“On Friday 22nd  July Charity Chairperson, Noi Emmerson accompanied by PR Chairman David Davies and ably assisted by Oar and Molly from the PSC office visited Map Fack Thong School to present 362 students with School Packs containing writing books, pencils, a ruler and eraser as well as 3 pairs of socks. In addition PSC ... More

PSC Vision Care For Kids

Vision Care Update The school year starts and thanks to the hard work of PSC Charity Chairperson Noi Emerson and the funds provided by every PSC Member 130 children from the poorer parts of our district will be able to see clearly. Vision Care is an ongoing PSC initiative where we work in conjunction with Schools to help ... More