Pattaya Sports Club Pays Tribute to an Old Friend

On 26 July 2014, Suraphol Komuthanond, former General Manager at Khao Kheow Country Club unexpectedly passed away at the early age of 53. He was a great supporter for the Pattaya Sports Club and for the past several years had allowed the PSC to hold their annual PSC two day Club Championship at the KKCC during January ... More

PSC Carpark

Changes Around the PSC Office If you have visited the PSC office recently, you would have noticed that there are changes taking place the first being the area in front of the office. This area was laid when the office was built in 2001 An attractive design at the time and has stood up well to sun, rain and the ... More

PSC Annual Charity Report

The bus arrived at the Camillian Social Centre bursting with bags of rice which we had just purchased in Bang Chang. We were invited to have lunch with the children and staff and, in the meantime, the rice was unloaded which provided the children with a new challenge, to climb to the top of the pile. Just one magical ... More

Pattaya Sports Club & 11th Singha Pattaya Open

During the past couple of years the Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) has improved our relationship with the Eastern Seaboard Golf Course Management Association (EGA) and also with Boon Rawd Brewery Company (Singha) and this year they gave the PSC a Sponsor position for our PSC 2013 Champion to play in the 11th Singha Pattaya Open ... More

A Milestone Achieved

PATTAYA SPORTS CLUB HIT A MILESTONE 25 million baht donated to charitable causes, is a big milestone and that is just what Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) have recently achieved. With 130,000 baht presented to Father Ray Foundation recently, Pattaya Sports Club reached the milestone of 25 million baht over the last 12 ... More

PSC Junior Golf Academy

Pattaya Sports Club Golf Academy 2010. In line with the traditions of the Pattaya Sports Club in promoting sport, and my own personal wish to find a future champion. We have decided to start a Young Thai person Golf Academy. Qualification for the academy would be under 16 years of age and a Thai national David Race a ... More