How to obtain a Handicap Index

If you have a valid handicap from an overseas golf association, please contact the PSC office and the Handicap Committee will assign you an appropriate handicap in the PSC WHS programme. After that you can submit scores as normal.

If you currently do not have a handicap, you will need to submit 3 scores before the WHS will calculate a Handicap Index.

Each round needs to be played with, and attested by,  a marker (PSC member) and played in an authorised format of play (i.e. Strokeplay, Stableford), adhering to the Rules of Golf.

You will need to enter your Adjusted Gross Score for each round (You cannot enter Stableford points until you get a Handicap Index).

To get your Adjusted Gross Score note, that the maximum hole score for handicap purposes during your first three rounds is limited to Par + 5.


How to develop your Handicap Index

After you have submitted your initial 3 scores your Handicap Index will continue to develop until you have 20 scores recorded.

While you have fewer than 20 scores your Handicap Index will be calculated automatically by averaging an appropriate number of scores plus an adjustment depending on how many scores you have submitted so far. When you view you’re playing record, you will be able to see which scores are being used to calculate your Handicap Index.  à3/1 Less than 20 scores

Once you have 20 scores in the system the programme will use the lowest 8 scores from the last 20 rounds.

After the initial 3 rounds, your maximum hole score is Net Double Bogey, (which is Double Bogey PLUS any handicap strokes you receive based on your Playing Handicap.