Tropical Golf 21/04

Bob Watson Amazing at Crystal Bay

Greetings reader!  Did you miss us?  The Songkran break is over, people are slowly filtering back into town or emerging from hibernation, and its time to get back to the golf.  Ahhh… if only all that water had been saved for the golf courses.  After the “What did you do during Songkran?” conversations, nineteen golfers saddled up and headed out.

Our return to golf was to Crystal Bay.  Yes, start on an easier one.  We were assigned the B & C courses.  Some people hadn’t seen the B-course before or often, and its is probably the most scenic and difficult of the three.  The course overall was in good to excellent condition.  At least Crystal Bay knows to leave some grass on the fairways.  Greens were quite acceptable.  The day was rather hot, but an earlier tee time helped avoid some of it.  After a layoff  you would think the scores would be worse than usual.  You would be wrong.  Scores were quite good and unless you shot well clear of your handicap your job was to sit and clap.

What to say about Bob Watson? Awesome, amazing, bow down to thee uber-golfer!  Bob won the day with 42 points off his minuscule 7 handicap.  Those good with math will realize Bob shot 73, a single lipped out putt over par.  Those who normally gripe about winners by saying “But look at his handicap” go mute.  There was more excellent golf.  Big Steve Truelove (c/h 9) was right in the mix with 40 points, followed by Nigel Perry (24) and Dick Warberg (21) with 39 points each. Finally John Davis (14) got the final call on countback with 38 points.  Wow.  Maybe a layoff is good once in a while.  We also celebrated Lek’s birthday!  Lek is the owner of the BJ’s Holiday Lodge the Tropical Golfers call home.

Near Pins: Tom Herrington, Barry Elphick, Mick Coghlan, Gerd Riedler

Best Nines (non-winner):  Derek Brook, Mick Coghlan

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