Tropical Golf28/04

Mashi Wins!  Mashi Wins!

Hello to all our golf fans.  If you are American and reading this and didn’t do your taxes… oh-oh!  So on with the golf.  This was a special Double Witching Day at Tropical Golf.  One of the special alignments where the Golfer Of The Month and the Monthly Mug are up for grabs!  The Golfer Of The Month promised to be an especially interesting race.  Stay tuned.  We had the perfect venue for such a contest, the Greenwood Country Club.  Fifteen golfers got their fill and started the long drive.  Get it?

Greenwood was in good to excellent condition.  Well, with all the rain its had it should be.  Assigned the A and B links we played off the white tees to give some extra length.  With all that was at stake you had to be in top form and earn every yard.  During the round things got dark and noisy, but all we got was some drizzle for a couple holes  We knew someone was getting drenched, and we heard later that nearby groups got rained out.  The Golf Gods wanted to let this exciting day play out!  So on with the results!

Monthly Mug: We played stroke play so keep your cool and use course management.  The good course and careful golf generated some good scores, and if you didn’t break handicap your job was to sit and clap at the end it all.  Playing cool and steady Mashi Kaneta (c/h 18) won his second Monthly Mug with a net 67!  Congrats to Mashi!  Wonder what he’ll use it for?  Following Mashi was Tom Herrington (18) and Barry Elphick (25) both at a fine net 70.  Last round’s winner Bob Watson (7) is still hitting it straight with net 71 strokes.

Golfer Of The Month:  This promised to be an interesting race.  Dick Warberg had a four point lead over Landis Brooks.  Who would win?  In the end the winner was… Mashi Kaneta!  The headline is not a misprint.  With the two leaders stumbling badly, Mashi came up from behind to steal the GOM honors.  Ok, he earned it!  This is just the second time someone has won the GOM and Monthly Mug the same day.  And this day was belonged to Mashi!

Near Pins: Bob Watson, Bob Britton, Walter Baechli

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