Tropical Golf Group 9/3

Friday March 09, Treasure Hill – St
Tom and Barry Conquer Treasure Hill

March Madness begins with the Tropical Golfers heading out to Treasure Hill, commonly referred to as
Tough Treasure Hill.
The night before delivered a huge storm to the Pattaya area, and the dark cloudy, and rainy morning was
not encouraging. A check of weather maps and a call to the course who said (surprise) all was well
showed promise, so seventeen golfers decided to give it a try.

Arriving at the course amid drizzle, most players left golf bags in the car to survey the conditions and
make a decision. Regular checking of radar apps and a team sent out to examine the course said we’d be
able to play. A few golfers packed it in and headed home, and they missed out.

Despite some light drizzle on and off during the round the course was quite playable using “lift-n- clean”
rules, and in fact was overall a nice cool day, with many players commenting how they enjoyed the
weather this day. Treasure Hill is a tough course. Several hourglass shaped fairways scream “I dare you”.
This course has to be played with the mind as well as the arms. Who had luck, err, skill on their side?

A-Flight (0-20): Tom Herrington (c/h 17) returned from his Philippines training trip to shoot a “three
better” score of 39 points. Well done. Next John Davis (16) had a fine 35 points, edging out Brian Parish
(13) by a shot at 34, beating “Fast Eddie” Kost on count-back on his farewell round for several months.

B-Flight (21+): Barry Elphick (27) also showed that golf in Philippines is good training had the high
score of the day, getting 40 points on a tough course. Well played Barry and congrats! John Anderson
(30) was next in line with a fine 38 points, and Graham Buckingham rounded out the flight with 34

Best Nine (non winner): Nigel Perry and Mashi Kaneta had the best half rounds!

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