Tropical Golf Group 4/3

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group on Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at Crystal Bay ( Stableford)

Once upon a time in a time far far away, this was my own personal favourite Course here on the Eastern Seaboard. Times change however and while now this Course is somewhat a faded shadow of what it once was, it is never the less still a Course that you can go and have a great day out on, at a fair price.


I seem to remember that the greens became multi coloured and you never knew what your ball was going to do as it went over the different coloured patches. Well I noted on this day that the greens were in quite good shape although not perfect but once you were on them putting was quite reasonable.


The fairways too were in quite good condition with plenty of grass on them, probably due to the rain of late, but carts were allowed on the fairways which was a bonus over other Courses we have played of late.


We teed off on C1 and it was immediately apparent we were going to have a good and fine day. The Course was empty in front of us allowing our three ball to zoom around and the 4 balls behind to do so at a good pace. The B Nine was next on our day out and this was also in good condition. The Course was made a little longer than usual with longish grass on the fairways but this is much preferable than playing off hard surfaces.


All in all this was a great day out however back in the changing room we were concerned as reports had come back that the notoriously unreliable showers were having problems and hot water was not a certainty. Well the water was nice and hot so that dashed that problem and although the restaurant is not as plush as it used to be it was still tidy and the food and drink good at a fair price.


We came back up Sukhumwit and despite it being a bit busy we got back in good time, then it was into the results.


In the A Flight,0 to 18, the winner was Brian Parish with 40 points on countback over Takeshi Hakozaki in second place. In third was Richard Kubicki with 38 points ahead of a countback on 37 points that saw Andre Van Dyk in fourth and John Davis just missing out.


In the B Flight, 19 up, The winner was Karen Brown with 39 points ahead of Carol Kubicki with 36 points in second.  In third was Nigel Perry with 35 points ahead of Dick Warberg in fourth with 34 points.


Front Nine best score  was John Davis on countback, from Mashi, with 19 points and best back nine was Mick Coghlan with 18 points on countback over Gordon Clegg.


We then proceeded to say goodbye to friends returning to U.K.  T.T.F.N.


Pic  The Flight Winners

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