Tropical Golf 9/4

Tuesday, April 09, Bangpakong – St

Bill and Two Daves Win at Bangpakong


Happy Songkran time golfers! You don’t need to wait for water guns and buckets to get all wet, just waking around in this weather a short while does the same thing. This week twenty three Tropical Golfers took a trip to Bangpakong. Its a longer drive but worth the trip for this well manicured course.


Bangpakong was in its usual very good condition.  It was a warm day with not enough wind, but the great fairways and open course makes for good scoring chances, and many took advantage. The high score of the day went to Bill Steimann with an impressive 41 points.  Others nearly matched that… so lets see the results:


A-Flight (0-14): Bill Steimann (41), Steve Trulove (37), John Davis (32).


B-Flight (15-22): David Bailey (35), Paul Weatherley (35), Kae Dayton (33)


C-Flight (23+): Dave Cooper (40), Frank Xin (38), Gorden Clegg (36)


Best Nine’s:  Bob Britton, Andre Van Dyk, Henry Wong

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