Tropical Golf 9/10

Tuesday October 09, Greenwood – St

Elphick Tops at Greenwood

It was nice to see the number of players on the sign-up sheet growing bit by bit as some of our regulars returned from holidays away from “Holiday Land”

Of course with the current rainy season seemingly hanging on, it really has been a good time for a getaway. With our monthly visit to one of the group’s favorite venues on tap and a better than average chance any rain would happen late in the day, the group headed out of BJ’s Holiday Lodge to test once again the challenges of the “A & C” layout at Greenwood from the 6479 yard, White tees.

On arrival and, learning that due to daily rains, carts were limited to the paths only, once again it was “Lift, Clean & Place” through the green for the competition. This was a great decision as the course was extremely soggy and more than a few spent their full 5 minutes searching for plugged balls. It was noted however that the nearer the center of the fairway one was, the dryer the ground conditions were. All set up for those that strike the ball well and keep it straight down the middle.

Other than the soggy fairways, the bunkers were well prepared and the greens running true but a bit slower than usual for Greenwood, so overall an above average presentation. With a reasonable pace of play, what with the cart rules and preferred lies, the groups were finished in good order and headed back to Pattaya and BJ’s for the presentation.

With no rain falling during the round, playing off USGA Course Handicaps under “L,C,&P” rules on a wet but well maintained course, one would expect good scoring and the Tropical Golfers were up to the task.

Leading the way was Barry Elphick (c/h 31) with 40 points! Way to hit it Barry, a couple more rounds like that and that old “R” will come off that Handicap Index!

Following that fine performance was Dick Warberg (25), 38 pts; Mick Coghlan (24), 37 pts; and, Andre Van Dyk, (19), 36 pts.

The Best 9-hole scores went to Alan Sullivan and John Davis. Well done All!

Photo: Winner, Barry Elphick

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