Tropical Golf 8/9

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Friday September 08, Bangpakong – St

John and Graham Win Score Fest At Bangpakong

As we get into the month the Tropical Golfers took a much anticipated trip to Bangpakong.  Many of the golfers were eager to use discount coupons they received the last time. Not easy to keep track of that little slip for over a month and maybe not all did or remembered to bring it.  Never mind, twenty two golfers signed up for the longer ride to this course, among the “favorite” courses on our list.

Bangpakong was in its usual excellent condition. Wide (most of the time) well groomed fairways and greens that run pretty much as expected usually provide plenty of good scores. This day proved to be the same – and how!  Don’t take the course for granted though, most golfers still lost a ball or three somewhere on the course.  And it was HOT, as in really, really, with nary a hint of breeze. Still, when all the counting was done if you didn’t at least make handicap you were part of the audience not part of the show. Last Friday at Treasure Hill we reported the course won. This week the Tropical Golfers regained some pride.

A-Flight (0-17):  Tying for the best score of the day, John Pierrel (c/h 15) took first place with an amazing 43 points, beating Paul Sharples (16) with the better finish. Right behind was Andre Van Dyk (17) showing he has the form back with 42 points, and then big Steve Truelove (11) with 39 points, getting the nod over Brian Parish(12) also with 39. Great scoring!

B-Flight (18+):  Good scores but slightly lower than A-Flight saw Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (26) win his flight with a fine 40 points. Next Nigel Perry (24) with 38 points took second, followed by Mashi Kaneta (18) earning 37 points, and Tom Herrington (18) with 36.

Best Nine (non-winner): The best half rounds went to Brian Parish and Takeshi Hakozaki

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