Tropical Golf 8/6

Friday, June 08, Pleasant Valley – St

Tom Terrific At Pleasant Valley

This Fireworks Friday the Tropical Golfers made a visit to Pleasant Valley. Skies were of the “variable cloudiness” variety so who knows how Mother Nature would cooperate this day.  Eleven Tropical Golfers finished filling their bellies and headed out.

We haven’t been to Pleasant Valley in a while. When we arrived we thought there was a large group of Korean women golfers milling around. Then we remembered that on Fridays the Caddies can wear what they want, and many opt for that style. Nice variety. Sadly PV is not in the best condition right now. Greens are patchy and fairways not kept up. “Fair” would be an accurate if slightly generous condition rating. However there was plenty of evidence of work being done on the course, so stay tuned. PV is a slightly tough course with more OB stakes than one ever wants to see. A short 10 minute rain delay gave everyone a rest. So on to the results!

After a long hiatus Tom Herrington (c/h 16) found his groove and smashed the field with his 41 points – a full 20 shots better than his previous golf outing. What a silly game! Next Alan Sullivan (16) had a most excellent 36 points, followed by Traveling Man Brian Gabe (19) with 34 and Barry Elphick (28) with a respectable 33.

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