Tropical Golf 8/3

John, Dennis, and Frank all smiles at Pattana


On this Friday the Tropical Golfers had a treat as they went to the ever popular Pattana. A full sign-up sheet meant you had to commit early, and with good reason; Pattana is one of our favorite stops, and it was in its usual excellent condition. This day we played the “A” and “B” courses. At least we didn’t have to start on the intimidating B side this time. That is a tough opening hole!


Pattana is a slightly tough layout, but the good condition and interesting design usually motivates some good scores. As you can see from the scores however the range of winners was quite wide, going from 30 to 41 points, so never give up!  The best score of the day was turned in by Frank Xin, while Dennis Eager and Alan Sullivan went to count back on the ever-important B-Flight. Here are the full results…


A-Flight (0-13): John Davis (40)Landis Brooks (37), Tom Herrington (35), Steve Truelove (35).


B-Flight (14-22): Dennis Eager (37), Alan Sullivan (37), Mick INWA Coghlan (31), Andre Van Dyk (30)


C-Flight (23+): Frank Xin (41), David Bailey (37), Karen Brown (32), Graham Buckingham (30)


Best Nine (non winner):  Richard Kubicki (19), Brian Gabe (15), Don Carmody (16)


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