Tropical Golf 8/2

Richard Kubicki Wins the Monthly Mug at Crystal Bay


PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, 08 February, 2019 Crystal Bay Golf Club – Medal

27 players 16 place getters



Crystal Bay was hot and humid, but a steady breeze kept playing conditions from being too

unpleasant. We played the B and C nines, and the greens were in good condition. However the C

greens were considerably slower than more reasonable speed of the B nine. The change in green

speeds didn’t slow down Richard Kubicki, who must have been able to fine-tune his putting feel,

to match the green conditions. Richard shot a net 70, from his handicap of 11, to win the

February, 2019 BJ’s Holiday Lodge, Monthly Mug.

In Friday’s other results, we had a total field of 27 players, with sixteen winners, spread over three

flights. In the A flight (0 – 15) John Davis was first with 74 net from his handicap of eleven, on

count back over Brian Parish from his handicap of 13. Third was Steve Truelove (10) with 76 net.

Fourth and fifth place were decided on count back with Takeshi Hakozaki (12) taking fourth over

and Landis Brooks (7), both with 77 net.

In the B flight, (16 – 22) Andre Van Dyk (17) took first with a net 72. Jadwiga was (21) second

with 76. Third went to Josef Buchburger’s (16) net 77. Dave Cooper (22) and Joe Sparwirth (21)

both scored a net 79, with the count back going in Dave’s favor.

Sadly Carole Kubicki missed out on a place by losing on count back… the fourth straight count back Carole has lost.

In the C flight (23 and up), Graham Buckingham (25) took first with a net 71. Roland Raeber (28)

was second with a net 73, and Colm Mullen (28), third with a net 76. Barry Elphick (28) and

Karen Brown (30), tied with 80 net, with Barry taking fourth on count back.Congratulations to Richard and all of the other winners.

A big thanks to Bill and Lek at our venue BJ Holiday Lodge for providing the Monthly Medal winners prize.

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