Tropical Golf 6/7

Pattavia – St

Mashi Dominates at Pattavia Scorefest

The US Open is over, the British Open is coming up, and right between Opens is the Tropical Golf Group’s trip to Pattavia. Surly there would be cameras and crowds to cover the competition, but they must have gotten bad directions as it is tricky to get to. Pattavia is usually in good condition and the price quite reasonable, so on this day twelve Tropical Golfers decided it was too good a deal to pass up.

With twelve golfers we opted for four 3-balls (highly recommended) so play was nice and steady, and greens less crowded. As usual Pattavia is in good to excellent condition. To search for a negative, many bunkers are as much gravel as sand, so anyone with a shiny new wedge would not be happy. After slowing down a bit for a few weeks, the greens are back up to their slick reputation. Because of recent rain there Lift ‘n Clean was called, but probably not needed. As for the results? Well, if you didn’t beat your handicap by at least two you were left out. Wow!

Results: There are winners and then there are big winners! This day Mashi Kaneta (c/h 16) had an amazing game and carded a stratospheric 45 points! We bow down to thee Mashi! Next Andre Van Dyk (18) scored a normally winning 42 points, followed by Alan Sullivan (16) with 39 and Mick Coghlan (25) took the final bow with “only” 38.  Amazing.

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