Tropical Golf 6/10

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday October 06, Treasure Hill – St

Tom Terrific On Tough, Tough Treasure Hill!

Greetings to all Golfers, Tropical and otherwise. This Fabulous Friday the Tropical Golfers make a trip to Treasure Hill where Mr. Alligator was waiting! Despite lots of rain lately sixteen golfers decided to hope for the best and head out. As usual the staff and breakfast at BJ’s Lodge was an excellent way to start the day.

Beware Treasure Hill! We have to say it as a Public Service Announcement. Other golf groups have recently complained about Treasure Hill sending out groups of five or six without regard to reservations or how it might affect play. Management is deaf to complaints. This time it was the Tropical Golfers who bumped into a 6-ball on the back nine. We were a bit “lucky” as it happened on the last few holes, but with darkening clouds and thunder in the area it put everyone on edge. Fortunately the rain held off until everyone finished. Consider yourself warned.

Now for the good news. The course is in good condition, and with a price of 1150 BT including cart, it’s a good deal. Also the course and clubhouse are going through some renovations that are starting to show. TH is a tough course, and is there any worse handicapped hole in Thailand than the Alligator par 5? Well, if you don’t get a shot there remember you get one somewhere else. So on to the results!

A-Flight (0-18):  After a long absence Tom Herrington (c/h 18) found himself in the winner’s circle with 37 points, five shots clear of the flight, and the only one to beat handicap this day. Next came John Davis (15) with 32 points, and Steve Truelove (11) was probably surprised to hear his name called with 30 points. A tough day!

B-Flight (19+):  Dick Warberg (19) continued his fine form and winning ways with 36 points. He’s Mr. Steady lately. Maybe the secret is in those HI wine nights? Next Mick Coghlan (25) placed with 34 points, and Brian Gabe (21) squeezed into the final spot with 31 points.

Best Nine (non winner): Anders Pederson and Nigel Perry earned some applause for having at least one good nine on a tough course.


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