Tropical Golf 1/6

On Friday June 1, 2018 at Pattavia Century – St

Mick Tops the Field

Here we are at the first of June and “Low Season” has really set in and a small but enthusiastic group met at BJ’s for breakfast and caffeine fixes.  With the daily weather forecast steady at 60% chance of localized thundershowers, the questions centered around whether we would remain dry out in the “Bermuda Triangle” of thunderstorms where we were headed.  After the quick trip to the course and finding a practically empty parking lot, all were soon changed and ready to go. With a quick check as to the previous day’s rains and the high probability of rain during our round we teed off playing “Ball-in-Hand – through the green”. Although carts were allowed on fairways, the course was wet under foot and with balls picking up mud it was a wise decision. Overall the course was in great condition and the greens, while a bit quick downhill, were nowhere near the pace that most remember at Pattavia.

With the pace of play great we were well into the back 9 before the storm clouds appeared and the thunder started getting close. However, while a light drizzle did cause umbrellas to go up and a couple bag condoms to go on, there was nothing severe enough to halt play and the round was finished pretty much on the 4 hour mark. It was then we had our upset of the day as there was no electricity in the clubhouse and therefore no hot water and little water pressure in the showers. So it was a rinse under a dribble of cold water, towel off and into dry clothes for the trip back to Pattaya and an earlier than usually lunch and presentation.

With no technical or “Best 9” prizes up for grabs, the presentation was short and sweet. Congratulations to Mick Coghlan (C/H 26) for his 39 points and the top step on the podium. Mick was followed by three at 34 points; John Davis (13), Daryl Evans (27), and Mashi Kaneta (16) in order of the count-back. Well done to all!

The Tropical Golf Group, affiliated with PSC, meets at “The BJ Holiday Lodge”, Pattaya Beach Rd. Soi 3, for friendly competitions on Tuesdays and Fridays. Golfers of any and all levels are welcome.

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