Tropical Golf 6/11

Flight Winners

Tuesday The 6th November 2018: Pattana ( Stableford)  This is probably the best golfing day out on the calendar and is well subscribed to and on this day we had the best turnout in some months. Mind the fact that this was our 4th year anniversary and there was some food and a cup of tea, or something colder, waiting when we got back to BJ’s may have helped.


We were away from BJ’s pretty much on time and the weather looked perfect, seems like the good weather is back and it is due, after all we have now moved into the High Season and know with the high rates comes the good weather, or so it should!!. The drive up there was quick and easy, especially as I have got one of those ‘M Pass’ gadgets for the car. Feels good just drive up and ding, barriers rise and off we go without even stopping. I am waiting for the big queues so I can sail thorough without stopping, it is not as much fun when there are no queues, but my time will come!!.


Soon there, booked in and onto the first Tee really before I realised we were playing the B & C Nines. The worst hole to Tee off on at any Golf Course, in my opinion, is B1. Play the BI as the back nine no problem, but with water either side and a ditch in front of the green, when the wind blows you are sure to put the ball in the water. Being the fourth to play, and with the first three in the water, either left or right, I was going to be extra carefull, so of course I hooked it straight into the water!!. All 4 of us and yes there was a strong wind.


We ploughed on and with the fairways nice and dry and the rough quite good it turned out to be a great day. The greens were not  the main problem on the day but the heat. By halfway through the back nine we were all struggling. However the greens  were firm and the trickiest we have played on for some time,


It was a great day out , if very hot and we all enjoyed getting into a cool shower in the fine facilities. Then it was a bite to eat and back into the car and BJ’s, of course going through ‘M Pass’ without having to slow down. Happy days.


The food was ready and finishing with ‘Apple Crumble and Custard’ courtesy of BJ, made the day very pleasant, not forgetting a ‘Cold One’. Then into the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 23, The winner was John Davies with 36 points ahead of a countback on 35 points that put John Pierrel in second and Ross Nicholson in third. In fourth was Julian  Preissinger with 34 points.

In the A Flight, 24 up, the winner was Mick Coghlan with the best score of the day with 39 points. In second was Fred Tam with 38 points ahead of Don Carmody in third with 36 points and in fourth was Gordon Clegg with 34 points.

The best front nine was Dick Warberg with 18 points and the best back nine was by Mashi Kaneta with 19 points.


Then we went home, well some did but having eaten it was a pleasure to have a few cold ones and tell how well we didn’t do.   T.T.F.N.



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