Tropical Golf 5/9

Tuesday the 5th September 2017: Khao Kheow ( Stableford)  The object of Golf, in my opinion, is to test yourself against the Course and to come off satisfied that you have done your best under the circumstances. Khao Kheow is an ideal place to test your will to win, in other words it has an ability to slice you into little pieces and slowly grind you down. Indeed I know golfers who will not play the Course because they say it is too hard. However it is a masterpiece of sadism all laid out before your eyes.


Hit a wrong shot on this Course and you will have great difficulty playing a good one next shot, you sort of get as if there is no end to the hole. What a great design. However as said if you are in a great vain of form, or simply a good golfer, it can be a pleasure to test yourself against the Course. I once ran a several hundred round check of how often the Golfer beat the course and it was a very low percentage.


On this day the test was the C & B Nines, I do prefer A & B but it was not to be. Despite the rains of late we were still able to take carts on the fairway but in the first four holes I lost two balls one hit seemingly down the middle, one in the rough, and even though all the golfers and caddies looked we never found them, the fairway was soft, rough long with many leaves  and who knows!!. After 4 holes I was ground down, still one had to finish.


As said the fairway was soft, so not much run and the rough was long and as is usual here a problem to get out of. The ball always sits well down in the grass here, maybe where the lost golf balls were. However the greens, despite being a bit soft were fast and true, it was nice however to be able to drive in the cart to the ball on most holes. Really tiring day, it was really hot as well, and we got around really fast but good to get back into the showers.


Soon back at BJ’s it was soon into the results. The results agreed with what I thought, the one good score of someone who played out of his skin and the rest of the players who struggled. The winner with a great 37 points was the inform Brian Parish. He was a street ahead of the rest. In second was Barry Elphick with 32 points ahead of a countback on 31 points that saw Mashi in third and John Pierrel in fourth. The rest were in the dust!!.


The winners of the best score on each Nine, non winners, was Paul Sharples on the C Nine with 17 points and Dick Warberg on the B Nine with 16 points


After a really hot and tiring day a cold drink, or two, was appreciated.  T.T.F.N..

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