Tropical Golf 5/6

Tuesday the 5th June 2018 : Greenwood ( Stableford)

The test for the day was to be the A & C Nines, quite a tough test and throw into this the rain of late and the possibility of rain for the day and standing on the first tee we knew we were in for a tough time.


We went straight into ‘Lift, Clean and Place’ not that the Course looked bad, we did pick up a lot of mud though, but because the grass was a little longer and with the weather forecast for rain we expected things to get a little dicey later on, and in fact so it proved. It did rain and we did get really wet. Thankfully we had the covers on the bag and skin is kind of waterproof, but it was not pleasant.


There  were not many cars in the car park when we arrived and one of the caddies said there were only a few the day before, so we expected a quiet day on the Course, and so it was, but as we finished we noticed quite a few about to start so it looked like many had come out in the afternoon. However we zoomed around in style only slowed up by the odd rain storm.


The Course as said was in reasonable condition, the fairways were a little long but we heard the cutters working during the afternoon, and the greens were a bit slow but all in all not in bad condition The rough was wet but we expected that, and the bunkers were a bit difficult to get out of as it did rain now and again. All in all it was a good day out, but it was also a really tough day and scores were not expected to be over impressive.


Quick shower, quick bite to eat and back to base.


We were back very early so the results were quickly over and time to relax.  The winner on the day was Don Carmody with 40 points on countback over Dick Warberg in second. In third was Brian Parish with 39 points on countback over Tommy Marshall in fourth. It may be noted that the first four were all within 1 point. Well played all.


We had 2 long puts at the last hole. Winner of the A Flight was Mashi Kaneta and winner of the B Flight was Don Carmody.   Then time to relax.  T.T.F.N.

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