Tropical Golf 5/1

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Friday January 05, 2018, Mountain Shadow – St

Rob, Tom, and Joerg on Top of Tough Mt. Shadow!

Hello to all 2018 golfers! Yes, a new year has started, so if you are still writing 2017 on documents, then stop it! Last month/year at Tropical Golf ended on a great note, and we are keeping the momentum going. It’s the height of busy season and twenty-eight golfers decided to try their skill at Mountain Shadow. With one new-comer still booking enough cards for handicap, 27 entered the day’s competition.  It’s always nice to greet some familiar faces, renew friendships, and make new ones.

After seemingly endless weeks of very high scores by half the players, it was time for the Topical Golfers to eat some humble pie, so we booked a trip to Mt. Shadow, commonly referred to as Tough Mt. Shadow. How to describe this course? Other courses have more holes that elicit fear on the tee, other courses have more water and higher rough. Sure there are a couple long par-3’s, and a par 5 that hugs the water, but no worse than other layouts. Many fairways are quite generous, and all grass is in good condition. At the end of the round it’s hard to say just WHY you had a bad score, you just did! 19th hole reactions always fall into two camps; one complaining they don’t like the course, and the other saying they want to try again tomorrow because it doesn’t seem so hard. Still, someone had to win so let’s see how it went.

A-Flight (0-16):  The best net score of the day went – again – to Rob Brown (c/h 10) with 34 points. Rob has his name announced on a regular basis and we congratulate him. Next came Paul Sharples (15) who seems to pop in, play well enough to get called (33 pts), and then pop back out again. Rounding out the flight was the returning Landis Brooks (9) who quickly reminded everyone there is more than one gunslinger back in town, taking the final bow with 31 points.

B-Flight (17-22):  Tom Herrington (17) keeps chugging along playing steady golf, and this time his 34 points was enough to lead his pack. You can’t report golf very long without mentioning Mashi Kaneta (17), and his 32 points was good enough today. Brian Gabe (20) took final flight honors and maybe a bit surprised to hear his name with 29 points.

C-Flight (23+):  Joerg Weichelbaumer (25) (who from now on is simply Joerg W) took advantage of his corrected handicap with the best finish of the day at 35 points. Congrats Joerg! Next Torsten Bischoff (27) played well to get called with his 33 points, and finally Carole Kubicki took a curtsy with her fine 32 points. Good show!

Best Nine (non winner): John Davis and Richard Kubicki got mentioned for having the best non-winning 9 hole scores. Never give up!



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