Tropical Golf 5/10


Friday October 05, Green Valley – St

Steve Truelove Wins 16-Hole Green Valley Contest

Hi Golf fans. The Ryder Cup is over (Congrats Europe), a new golf season is about to start, and the Tropical Golfers keep having fun. This week the destination was Green Valley, a nice, slightly shorter, drive and good clubhouse.

A Sweet Sixteen of hopefuls headed out even though the weather forecast warned of rain, more on that later. Most met at BJ’s Lodge for fill-up and rides, and off we went.

Green Valley currently, in what seems like its 10th revision is a good layout, a variety of hole designs and a fair test of skills. Unfortunately the condition of the fairways would be described as “decent”, and many of the greens, dare we say it, downright bad.

Blight or disease or something affects almost half the greens, all this with a sign in the locker room announcing a cart fee increase to 700 B. However, having been granted “Sports Day” rates for our support of RGV’s Summer Scrambles, we had no complaints on cost for the day. Off we went, and timing was critical.

The first two groups finished under threatening skies, and the last two groups were hit with a most torrential downpour. A 16 hole competition was declared due to this round ending deluge and awards taken from there.

Results: Big Hitting Steve Truelove (c/h 7) had an excellent 34 points (remember 16 holes) off his small handicap for his second win of the week. Way to smack them Steve!

Mick Coghlan (23) came up behind with 31 points, then came Graham Buckingham (23) and John Pierrel (12) with 30, and finally Barry Elphick (30) squeaked in with 27.

Best Nine: Good half rounds went to Tom Herrington and John Davis

Photo: Steve Celebrates his 2nd Win of the Week!

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