Tropical Golf 4/5


Daryl and Brian Tops at Pattavia

This Friday eighteen golfers met at BJ’s Lodge to try their luck at Pattavia. A light but pleasantly manageable low season eleven golfers made the trip.  With rain on and off a daily occurrence these days there was always the chance of rain, but an early start gave hope we would beat the common afternoon shower.

Pattavia could be listed in good to very good condition. It seems management has heard complaints from golfers and caddies, and the greens, while still difficult, are more manageable than years past. A “problem” could be that many used to super the slick greens were now constantly leaving putts short. No pleasing some folks, but overall it’s an improvement. Searching for criticism, the bunkers had low levels of extremely course sand, but hey, we nitpick. The course is exceptional value.  The rain did come, and at the most incredible time. The first group had finished, the second group didn’t all bother to finish the last hole, and the third group was far enough back to wait out the short delay. Scores, as usual at Pattavia, were good.

Results:  Returning Daryl Evans (c/h 27) had an excellent 39 points, followed by Brian Parish (12) a stroke shy with 38, and John Davis (14) with 37. Good scores all.


Best Nine (non winner): Mick Coghlan and Mashi Kaneta had best non-winning 9-hole scores.

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