Tropical Golf 4/12

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Tuesday, 04 December, 2018 Khao Kheow 

Deryl and Karen Win at Khao Kheow


We were scheduled for a 10:45 start this Tuesday, so the players were able to sleep in a little longer, or linger over breakfast at BJ’s Holiday Lodge before packing the equipment into the cars. We arrived at Khao Kheow and unloaded the clubs into the hands of the caddies. Most players don’t pre-book a particular caddie, and just take the “luck of the draw”. The caddie fee is the same, but you never know if you will get a good, quick, experienced, caddie that can offer quality putting advice, a disinterested caddie that doesn’t want to be there, or an untested rookie. The caddies, are also taking their chances with a player, when they select a golf bag. Will they be riding in a buggy, with a player that can keep the ball in play, or walking with a pull cart, and maybe searching the jungle for golf balls all day.

It was the slightly later start, and I know this it Thailand, but it was particularly hot at muggy. As for the player/caddie match ups, in our four ball, the two younger caddies happened to spend the day riding in buggies. The two veterans, whose ages may have rivaled the players, dragged the pull carts.  The heat took it’s toll on everyone, and left a couple veteran caddies quite knackered at the end of the day.

The winning scores were closely bunched, with count backs in both flights, including a triple count back for the B flight.

With a field of 15 players, there were eight winners, spread over two flights. The A flight (0 – 15) had the scores of the day, with Deryl Neufeld’s 37 stableford points, winning on count back, from his course handicap of 15. Second went to John Davis (12) with 31 points. Andre Van Dyk (15) was third with 33.

In the B flight (16 and up) there was a three way count back on 31 points. Karen Brown (31) claimed first, Dave Cooper (24) second, and Colm Mullen (29) third.


The best front nine, not placing, went to Mashi Kaneta’s 18, while, Graham Buckingham had the best back nine score with 17 points. Congratulations to all the winners.


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