Tropical Golf 4/1

Alan A flight winner

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf

Friday, Jan 04, 2019  Pleasant Valley

Alan, Brian, and Barry Make Pleasant Valley Happy Valley!

Greetings golfers. So what was your New Year golf resolution? No more flying elbow or fast backswings? Lose the slice?  No complaining about slow players or handicaps?

Tropical Golfers started out the year at Pleasant Valley, and 25 were recovered enough from New Year celebrations to make the trip.

Pleasant Valley is one of those courses that if asked beforehand, you might say it’s not that hard. Then when you play it reality sets in, and how. Many fairways are narrow, there are plenty of out-bounds (remember the new rule!), the jungle is close at hand, and on the back nine greens are sloped enough to make one think they are at Pattavia. Overall course condition is good. Pleasant Valley is often fully booked so be prepared for a slow day sometimes.  So how did the first outing of 2019 come out? On to the results…

A-Flight (0-14):  Alan Sullivan (hcp 14) had the best score of the day by a par-3 with a magnificent 40 points. Great way to start the year Alan! Ever present Mashi Kaneta (14) took count back over Steve Truelove (7) at the 33 point mark, and Rob Brown (7) was in the thick as usual with 32 points.

B-Flight (15-22):  Brian Gabe (17) took his flight thanks to a strong finish over Tom Herrington (15) both with 34 points, Then Joe S. (22) did the same to Mike O’Brien (21), each a point back with 33 points.

C-Flight (23+):  Barry Elphick (27) used some fine putting to take his flight with an impressive 37 points. Barry was chased by Frank Xin (23) with a handicap tying 36 points.  In the count back department, Dave Cooper (23) edged out Graham Buckingham (24) with a fine 35 points.  Good golf all!

Best Nine (non-winner): In the “almost had it” section, Andre Van Dyk and Karen Brown had the best nine hole scores.



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