Tropical Golf 3/8

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Friday, August 03, Emerald – St

Davis edges the field at tough Emerald

The last time we visited Emerald was in early February on a rainy day with a crowded course. Six months on and into the traditional rainy season how would we fair this day. With small numbers due to several regulars being away on personal trips and a couple others giving recent injuries a rest, we set off under cloudy but non-threatening skies after breakfast and check in at BJ’s Holiday Lodge. Getting out of Pattaya has been interesting lately to say the least due to the “Big Ditch” construction project on Pattaya Nua and this morning was no different as no right turns were permitted from Nua on to Sukhumvit. What a start! But never mind, go with the flow and head to 36 and on to the course using the short-cut just past the new entrance to Barcelona Valley.

Arrival to a near empty parking lot, a sizable line-up of caddies and carts, and no crowd near the first tee provided a warm, fuzzy feeling that this could be a fine day out on the links. Most took advantage of the 1350B “All In” deal and our groups were headed down the first fairway well before our scheduled tee time. Course was in reasonable condition, carts allowed on the fairways, no “Ball in Hand” in force, and seemingly a great day ahead. But wait a minute, with all groups started and spread across the first three holes the heavens opened up with a heavy shower. The sky didn’t appear that this would last long and so it was hold your position for 10 minutes and the rain stopped as quickly as it had started. Fantastic! However, 15 minutes later the same thing happened only this time it settled in and after 10 minutes under the brollies it was a dash back to the shelter of the clubhouse to wait and watch ponds form on the 3rd green. Twenty minutes and once again the rains stopped and we decided to carry on, soaked shirts, shorts and all. A good decision as that was the last effect the weather would have this day. The course drained quickly and with drops for casual water allowed, play proceeded at a reasonable pace. Showered and changed, cards collected and after the easy drive back to Pattaya, we were soon ready for the presentation.

Maybe due to the difficulty of Emerald, complicated a bit by the early weather problems, the scores this day were a bit lower than usual for this group. The ever steady John Davis (c/h 12) topped the podium with a solid 35 points followed by Don Carmody (33) and Mashi Kaneta (15) turning in 33 points to take 2nd and 3rd respectively. Best 9 hole scores for those not on the podium were Dick Warberg and Mick Coghlan. Congratulations to all for sticking with it, waiting out the rain delays and finishing the round.


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