Tropical Golf 31/10

Tuesday October 31, Greenwood – St

Nigel and Buckers Tops at Greenwood!

The Tropical Golfers headed for Greenwood for the final round of the month as we have over the past year plus. This time however, the format for the day changed from a medal round for the Monthly Mug and the final counting round for “Golfer of the Month” points, to a regular “Stableford” competition. With Daryl Evans winning the Mug last week, the focus this day was to play well, win or place in your flight, and see who would win the points battle for GOM!


With the weather looking fantastic and even a little cooler, 17 players left BJ’s after breakfast and coffee for the drive to Greenwood. The drive has become much quicker with the new Laem Chabang Port – 331 connector highway nearly 100% complete. With clear skies above all were anxious to get on the course and have a round without slogging over rain drenched fairways. We were not to be disappointed as the course was in excellent condition with the greens running at a report speed of 10 and the fairways fairly firm and shots getting some roll after hitting the ground, something that has been missing for quite some time with all the rain we have experienced. So with a well presented course, great weather, albeit a bit breezy, and a reasonable green fee rate, how would the field perform on the “A” & “B” nines?


With a reasonable pace of play, the 6 groups all finished in good order and, with all cards in and tabulated, all were headed back to BJ’s for a late lunch and the presentation. While one golfer managed to beat his handicap, the scores were generally lower than usual here, most likely due to the quicker greens and the wind to deal with.


A-Flight (0-23):  Congratulations to Nigel Perry (c/h 23) for turning in the round of the day at 38 points to win the flight. John Davis (15) followed with a fine 36 points in his quest to get to the top of the GOM point table. In 3rd place, Mashi Kaneta (16) edged out Andre Van Dyk on count-back, both scoring 35 points.

B-Flight (24+):  Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (26) took the “B-flight” with a fine 35 points. Mick Coghlan (24), the leader in the GOM race at the start of the day, was second with 32 points, followed by Daryl Evans (25) nipping Don Carmody (33), both with 30 points for third place.

Best Nines (non winner): Andre Van Dyk and Dick Warberg received their rewards for having the best non-winning, 9 hole scores.

“Golfer of the Month”: While he closed the gap significantly, John Davis came up a bit short in the race for the title and Mick Coghlan took the honors. Well played both and a well deserved “Congratulations” to Mick!


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