Tropical Golf 31/05

Bangpakong Riverside Country Club( Stableford) Sometimes this playing Golf is just like going on your holidays for the day and getting away from it all. On this day we all packed our golf bags and our little travel bags with our change of clothes in and away we went. It is a bit like going to ‘The Seaside’ on a day like this and we even get to go over the wide River as we get close.  This is a big River as we reach it we know we are in for a great day.

The Course itself is in one of the bends on the River and is connected to it, so it seems that being that close to the water, and being connected, there is always a coolness about the Course. On this day it had obviously been raining as the Course was quite wet. We were off on time and the weather was very nice with the occasional spot of rain as we went around. It was nice to actually hit your ball off green grass. and wet at that.

This is a fine Golf Course and well worth a visit. especially at the present rates, while it is a fair drive, most of it is along motorways and it is relatively easy to get to and back again. The Clubhouse is very nice and food and drink are at reasonable prices, and I do believe being close to the River it seems to keep a little cooler, mind I would question playing there during the rainy Season, but that is not now.

On the day the Course seemed quiet despite the good rate, and we were off on time. The course seemed a bit misty early on, or my glasses were, but as the day went on it became very pleasant and the intermittent drops of rain cooled things down well and made playing in glasses a problem.. The Course is one of the easier ones and you can have a day out here, score well and go home having had a great day and thinking you have discovered the secret of this game. The fairways had grass on and the greens were if anything a bit slow with plenty of grass. All in all a fine day.

The drive back was quick as we were on motorway and soon got back, even allowing us to get the results underway early.

The scores on the day were really superb, and if you did not get 40 points you did not get mentioned. The winner was Walter Baechli with 43 points, 26 on the back nine, before a countback on 40 points saw Landis Brooks in second, Bob Britton in third and Takeshi Hakozaki in fourth. We then had many golfers on 35 to 39 points so all the golfers had a great day.

This was also the day of The BJ Golfer of the Month and the winner was John Davis. Well played.       T.T.F.N.

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