Tropical Golf 31/03

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Kaneta and Parish Rise to the Top

Seventeen hearty souls, seems many early departures to escape Songkran, met at BJ’s Holiday Lodge in anticipation for Tropical Golf’s Monthly Mug competition at Greenwood. With possible thundershowers in the forecast, would the golf be played without interruptions and the need to dry out the gear over the weekend? With both the Mug competition and the final chance for points for the Golfer of the Month(GOM) award, it’s a busier than usual day for the organizer, but on time all were in the cars and headed out to Greenwood.

Arriving at Greenwood to a nearly deserted parking lot we were assigned the A & B nines for the day and were soon off A-1 under cloudy skies and warm and humid conditions on a wonderfully presented course. With no groups in front of ours the pace of play was very good, and other than a threat from a huge black cloud complete with thunder that skirted the area, we had neither rain nor delays. It is a real pleasure to play when the weather cooperates and the course is in such fine condition. With the quick pace of play, showered and changed, and score cards turned in, all were back on the road to Pattaya by 3:00 p.m., which is a definite advantage on a Friday afternoon.

Back at BJ’s with most having a late bite of lunch along with their favorite beverage the results of the day and the final GOM points were tabulated and the presentation got underway. Up first the coveted BJ/Tropical Golf Monthly Mug was awarded to Mashi Kaneta(c/h’cap 19) who managed a fine net 70. Congratulations Mashi for the only round this day that  beat the course. The runners up were in order: Brian Parish, net 73; John Bland, net 73; Paul Weatherley, net 74; and Dave Cooper, net 75. Just missing the podium on count-back, also with a net 75, was Bob Watson.

On to the “BJ Holiday Lodge Golfer of the Month”, and the fine second place finish on the day by Brian Parish edged out Landis Brooks for the GOM award as the two were tied on points starting the day. Congrats to Brian for his consistent play over the month and a fine finish.

The “Near the Pin” tech prizes went to Takeshi Hakozaki, Bob Watson and John Bland(2)

Tropical Golf Group meets and plays from “The BJ Holiday Lodge”, Pattaya Beach Road, Soi 3, generally every Tuesday and Friday. All are welcome to join for friendly competitions on a variety of local courses.


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