Tropical Golf 3/10

Tuesday The 3rd October 2017:  Khao Kheow (Stableford) The test for the day was to be the C & B   Nines in that order and as we went up to the Course the day ahead looked on the up and as we looked out of the window the weather looked fine. On signing in however we were told that there were no Carts allowed on the Course and talking to the caddie master we were told to expect rain as it had rained for several days and would also on this day.


But it was nice as we started on C1, bright and sunny, maybe we would get away with it. Well no, after 5 holes the Sun went in and although we teed off at C6 it started to rain, then it just gave us time to get to the rest stop there as the Heavens opened. Then the storm hit and our other groups joined us in the rest stop as the rain hammered down, and the wind blew. One hour later the rain slowed but the greens were a river of water.


Well that is that, after another 20 minutes we continued and finished the round, after all we had paid our green fee. However it still rained lightly for the rest of the round and some bunkers were ponds with no sand showing, and the greens were very wet. There was a pond on the first hole after the stop and the fairways were all soggy in fact impossible to find a dry spot.


The hot shower was fine and soon we were back at BJ’s for a quick results and home to a quiet sit down


The scores were not something to shout about, but in the terrible conditions just to finish was a result. Some did not finish, however, The winner with 31 points was John Davis ahead of a countback on 30 points that saw John Bland in second and Arne Jorgenson in third. A countback on 28 points saw Takeshi Hakozaki in fourth ahead of Brian Parish just missing out.


However the best score on the front nine, non winner, was Ronnie Ratte with 14 points and on the back nine Brian Parish with 18 points.  Not many people stopped long on this night but one or two did. Happy Days.  T.T.F.N.

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