Tropical Golf 3/1

Tuesday The 3rd January 2018: Pattaya Country Club ( Stableford) Many years ago when I first got the ‘Golf Madness’, I used to play this Course really often. So often perhaps that finally I bought one of the 1  Year Memberships. I remember it cost me 13, 000 Baht at the time. This would be about the year 2000 or shortly after. At the time the Course had one of the best fairways of any Course here in this area, probably the best and one of the friendliest Staff. The grass was like a carpet, and despite the fact that in most respects the surrounds of the Course are not particularly picturesque, with it being close to Pattaya it was a great place to play. Mind it did have a ‘Temporary Clubhouse’ that lasted for years.


Every now and then we book to play to see how it is getting on, and to see the new impressive Clubhouse we thought at one time would never be built. It is a fine new Clubhouse and a pleasure to visit, and I noticed as we booked in an advert advertising Annual Membership at 35,000 Baht, reminding me how life changes. Looks like I was lucky at the time. So with 8 Groups it was important to get out to the first tee, and get on with the day.


On the first tee we actually got away on time, and although the Course ahead seemed packed we always moved along at a sedate pace despite a fair bit of backup. I suspect that the Course is heavily used, being close to Pattaya, and this was shown on this day with many signs on the Course of heavy usage. The Course is in need of some care with fairways that are hard and brown in many places, sadly the great fairways that I remember are no longer there and the grass that seems to get into most Courses in this area has done much damage here. However I am sure players will still play here as It is ‘Just up the Road’. The greens were not too bad but still showed signs of use with many marks and some brown patches.


I had many happy days on this Course, and I still have many of my friends that play here very regularly, but the Course could do with some T.L.C., mind the Clubhouse is a serious improvement on the old one, and the staff are just as friendly. I think I will wait till after the rains for my next visit. However many of our players said they had a good day and will go again.


Back to BJ’s and see how we all got on.


In the A Flight, 0 to 24, we had one of the mysteries of Golf that shows why on the Golf Course all are equal and have a chance . The winner was Graham Buckingham with 41 points on countback over Steve Truelove. Graham is off 24 Handicap, and plays off the silver tees, while Steve is a single handicapper. We also had a countback for third on 40 points that saw Dave Cooper in third and Rob Brown in fourth. Dave is a 24 handicapper and Rob is a single handicapper who a couple of years ago was The PSC Club Champion. In fifth was Brian Gabe with 37 points.

In the B Flight, 25 up, the winner was Carole Kubicki with 42 points ahead of Don Carmody with 37 points in second. We had a countback on 36 points that saw S.K.Kwok in third and Rita Zoebeli in fourth. In fifth was Daryl Evans with 35 points.

Best front Nine, non winner, was Fred Tam with 22 points and best back Nine was Mick Coghlan with 22 points. T.T.F.N





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